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Ziss ZAD-12 Plastic Air Stone

This air stone is made of a polypropylene and polycarbonate. It can be dissassembled and cleaned if ...

25 Ziss ZAD-12 Plastic Air Stones

This air stone is made of a polypropylene and polycarbonate. It can be dissassembled and cleaned if ...

Sintered Stone Diffuser

This is an extremely durable and washable (reusable) air disc. Features: Manufactured with brown Ada ...

Eheim Adjustable Airstone

Air stone with an adjustable air flow...

Eheim Power Diffusor (594)

The diffuser draws in fresh air from the outside and enriches the aquarium water with oxygen. The su ...

Aqua-Fit Airstone 1" - 2 Pack

This package contains two cylindrical one inch airstones...

Aqua-Fit Airstone 2"

Affordable 2 inch long air stone..

Aqua-Fit Airstone 4"

Rectangular 4" (10.2cm) long airstone...

Aqua-Fit Airstone 6"

Rectangular 6" (15.2cm) long airstone...

Aqua-Fit Airstone 12"

Rectangular 12" (30.5cm) long airstone...

Aqua Mist Bubble Disk 4"

A four inch round air stone.  ..

Aqua Mist Bubble Disk 5"

A five inch round air stone...

Elive Colour Changing LED Airstone

Create a colourful blue column of bubbles in your aquarium with this LED airstone. It is great as a ...

Lever Air Valve

Self threading air valve with an airline barb...

Lee's Plastic Tees

Lee's Plastic Tees allow to split one airline into two...

Two Little Airline Fitting Kit - 12 pack

The kit contains micro airline fittings for connecting standard tubing for air controlled devices su ...

Airline Double Tee - 2 Pack

Airline connectors for standard 3/16" airline...

Tubing Connectors 6 Pack

6 Tubing Connectors are universal in size which gives them the ability to fit most standard aquarium ...

Lee's 2-Way Plastic Valve - 2 Pack

Two way in-line valve to control air flow from the pump...

Airline Check Valve

Use this one way airline check valve to prevent the natural back siphoning of water to your air pump ...

Penn-Plax Check Valve with Air Filter

Protect your air pump against water damage with this check valve and supply clean air to your aquari ...

Hikari Check Valve 2 Pack

Eliminates the chance of water syphoning back through the airline and damaging your pump. The valve ...

Two Little Micro Ball Valves - 6 Pack

Micro fittings for regulating air flow through standard airline tubing for devices such as air-stone ...

Airline End Caps

Airline connection for standard 3/16 airline...

Airline Tubing Elbows - 4 Pack

A pack of 4 elbows for a standard 3/16" airline tubing...

Airline Tubing Suction Cups - 4 Pack

Four suction cups to attach airline tubing to the outside of the tank...

Airline Straight Connectors - 4 Pack

A pack of 4 connectors for a 3/16" standard airline tubing...

Stainless Steel One Way Air Valve

Use this stainless steel valve to control flow from your air pump to your sponge filter or air stone ...

Aqua Life 2 Way Deluxe Gang Valve

This deluxe gang valve to control air flow of up to 2 air driven devices.    Features: Bui ...

Stainless Steel 2 Way Air Valve

This stainless steel valve can be easily attached to a regular airline tubing and allows you to spli ...



New Products For March - Air Supplies

ParaGuard - 4L

ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control pr ....

Reef Nutrition Mysis Feast 6oz.

Mysis-Feast® is refrigerated, concentrated freshwater Mysis diluviana (aka Mysis relicta) shrimp ....


Monthly Specials For March

PureBites Freeze Dried Cheddar 120g

PureBites® are made with only 1 ing...

PureBites Freeze Dried Chicken Breast 85g

PureBites® are made with only 1 ing...

PureBites Freeze Dried Duck Liver74g

PureBites® are made with only 1 ing...

PureBites Freeze Dried Ocean Fish 50g

PureBites® are made with only 1 ing...

PureBites Freeze Dried Turkey 70g

PureBites® are made with only 1 ing...

Zoomed Wound Healing Aid 1oz.

A topical antiseptic to help heal cuts,...




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