ADA CO2 Accessories

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ADA Cabochon Ruby - Check Valve
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Cabochon Ruby is a durable and decorative check valve. The valve is produced from a mineral close to ...

ADA Clear Parts Set

ADA Clear Parts Set provides the necessary length of clear silicon tubing plus extra suction cups an ...

ADA CO2 Beetle Counter
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This CO2 bubble counter is intended to be use in large size aquariums. It has a practical and playfu ...

ADA CO2 Glass Bubble Counter
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CO2 Glass Counter is designed for measuring the amount of CO2 supply employing the simple yet accura ...

ADA Drop Checker

Drop Checker is an elegant glass-made instrument used for monitoring proper dosage of CO2. Depending ...

ADA Gray Parts Set

ADA Gray Parts Set provides the necessary length of gray silicon tubing plus extra suction cups and ...

ADA New Pollen Glass
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New Pollen Glass is the redesigned model of the Pollen Glass, with diagonally cut opening. The diffu ...

ADA Pollen Glass

Pollen Glass is a beautiful CO2 distributor, which virtually pollinates the entire aquarium with tin ...


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ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 40D
Sold Out

The Pollen Glass Beetle Series caters to the CO2 needs of aquariums larger than 90cm (90 gallons). I ...

ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 40D AIR

The Pollen Glass Beetle AIR is designed to deliver air to your plants at night. The extra oxygen wil ...

ADA Pollen Glass Large 20D
Sold Out

Pollen Glass 20D is a wide diffuser designed for up to 60cm wide tank planted with Riccia and other ...

ADA Pollen Glass Large 20D AIR

Pollen Glass 20D Air is designed to deliver air to your plants at night. The extra oxygen will keep ...

ADA Pollen Glass Mini
Sold Out

Pollen Glass Mini is designed for small size aquariums such as Cube Garden Mini S and M (For pool ty ...

ADA Pollen Glass TYPE-2

Pollen Glass TYPE-2 has a similar design to original Pollen Glass. The difference between the two is ...

ADA Pollen Glass TYPE-3
Sold Out

Pollen Glass TYPE-3 it is a very nice and stylish diffuser with the same diffusing ability as the or ...

ADA Pressure Resistance Clear Tube (2m)
Sold Out

Use this tubing to connect CO2 regulator with Check Valve. Do not connect it directly to glass diffu ...

ADA Speed Controller

Can be used to control CO2 flow rate when one source of CO2 is branched off. Each line will need one ...

ADA Speed Controller G
Sold Out

Can be used to control CO2 flow rate when one source of CO2 is branched off. Each line will need one ...



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