There are two types of TWINSTAR devices. One designed to inhibit algae in planted tanks (M3, M5, NANO, NANO+)  and another one to protect fish (YOTTA, YOTTA+) and shrimps (Shrimp30, Shrimp50, Shrimp) from diseases. Both devices generate pure oxygen that either inhibits algae or diseases. The frequency of the steam of bubbles of oxygen expelled from the Reactor is controlled automatically by the Intelligent Controller.

Please install TWINSTAR in the area where there is good water flow. For the best performance, we recommend installing TWINSTAR underneath the outlet of the filter. If installed in the area where there is little or no water flow, the performance of the device will be very limited.

Purpose of Use Model Capacity Reactor
Inhibition of Green Algae
Promotion of Plant Growth

M3 5 to 13 gallons M5
M5 5 to 32 gallons M5
NANO 13 to 53 gallons M7
NANO+ 13 to 114 gallons M9
Prevention of Fish Disease S3 5 to 13 gallons M5
S5 5 to 32 gallons M5
YOTTA 13 to 53 gallons M7
YOTTA+ 13 to 114 gallons M9
Prevention of Shrimp Disease Shrimp30 5 to 13 gallons M5
Shrimp50 10 to 32 gallons M7
Shrimp 10 to 48 gallons M9


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