Aqua Soil - Amazonia LIGHT (3 liters) Normal Type

Aqua Soil - Amazonia LIGHT (3 liters) Normal Type
Aqua Soil - Amazonia LIGHT (3 liters) Normal Type
Aqua Soil - Amazonia LIGHT (3 liters) Normal Type

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  • Model: 104-056
  • Manufactured by: ADA

Amazonia LIGHT is the newest addition to the Aqua Soil lineup. It is a substrate that has been specifically developed for beginner aquascapers and shrimp keepers. It is made from the same natural soil as the "regular" Amazonia, however it has a lighter colour and it contains less organic compounds and nitrogen, therefore there is no occurance of ammonia spike at the initial setup period of an aquarium.


Comparison of plant growth rate between Amazonia and Amazonia Light

Both soils are comparable in ability to lower pH  and carbonate hardness (KH) of the water in the aquarium. This result shows that Amazonia Light also achieves the water conditions suitable for growing ordinary aquatic plants.

Subsequently, a comparison of COD (the measurement of organic compounds in water) and ammonium (NH4) (the measurement of nitrogen content) was performed and it was found that both of these parameters were lower in the case where Amazonia Light was used. The value of phosphoric acid (PO4) was also lower in the case of Amazonia Light. From these results, it is assumed that there will be less chance of cloudy water and algae growth when Amazonia Light is used. This assumption was further supported by the comparative experiment of the two soils for plant growth. In the case of Aqua Soil Amazonia, the stem plants grew taller with the help of ammonium and phosphoric acid contained in the Amazonia, but at the same time, diatom (brown algae) and green algae grew more rapidly and it caused a temporary slowdown of the growth rate of foreground plants (refer to the pictures of “After 4 days” and “After 8 days”). On the other hand, in the case where Amazonia Light is used, both the stem plants and foreground plants showed healthy growth without being covered by algae. The density and color of the plant leaves were also sufficient (refer to the pictures of “After 12 days” and “After 18 days”). This difference is possibly due to the fact that the nitrogen source in Amazonia Light is nitric acid (NO3).



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