Green Bacter 50ml

Green Bacter 50ml

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  • Model: 103-101
  • Manufactured by: ADA

Green Bacter is a liquid additive made of naturally derived organic acid that promotes propagation of microorganims.  It is effective for the aquarium in its initial set up period and after a regular water change.

Green Bacter promotes both colonizatoin of filter and substrate bacteria and therefore improves break down of unneeded organic substances.


  • For newly setup aquariums, add 1 drop of Green Bacter per 10 liters of water every day for one week. When the water clears, reduce the dosage to 1 drop per 30 liters.
  • After a waterchange or when water in the aquarium is cloudy add 1 drop of Green Bacter per 10 liters


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