ADA Substrate Additives Kit - 60cm

ADA Substrate Additives Kit - 60cm

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  • Manufactured by: ADA

This kit contains pre-measured amount of Bacter 100, Clear Super and Tourmaline BC  required for tanks that are 60 cm long.

Sprinkle these five additives evenly on top of the Power Sand before you introduce plant substrate.

This is the fastest way to “jump start” your new nature aquarium with the beneficial bacteria needed to consume excess ammonia and convert it to nitrate.

Bacter 100 contains 100 types of beneficial bacteria in dormant form that will help in converting organic waste accumulating at the bottom of the substrate into nutrients for the plants. The use of Bacter 100 prevents an anaerobic environment in the substrate, thus promoting healthy root development.

Clear Super provides nutrition for Bacter 100. ADA substrates are processed through high-heat sterilization. When beneficial bacteria from Bacter 100 is introduced to the substrate, it does not have the food needed to start reproducing. Clear Super provides the initial food for the Bacter 100 to flourish.

Tourmaline BC is a semi-precious stone that gives off an electric charge when in contact with water. This electric charge essentially “wakes up” the dormant beneficial bacteria in Bacter 100.


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