Iron Bottom (30pcs)

Iron Bottom (30pcs)

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  • Manufactured by: ADA

Iron Bottom is a substrate fertilizer. The long sticks are suitable for large aquariums with a thick layer of substrate. (They can be broken in half for small aquaria). The sticks contains various nutrients and are coated with iron that is essential for optimal growth of aquatic plants. They are effective when leaves of Echinodorous and Glossostigma plants become pale (sign of lack of iron).
The sticks are approximately 25mm long. 


  • Place one stick for every 15 x 15 cm area of substrate. (8 sticks for a standard 60cm tank)
  • Insert the stick 2 cm away from a root, as deep as possible, so it is completely buried.
  • Nutritional effect will last for 2 to 4 months. When adding new sticks, insert them at different spots from previous times, since some nutrients can be still remaining in the substrate.


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