Eheim Professionel 4 350 2273

Eheim Professionel 4 350 2273
Eheim Professionel 4 350 2273
Eheim Professionel 4 350 2273

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  • Manufactured by: Eheim

Eheim Pro 4+ 350 (2273) is ideal for aquariums from 45 to 95 gallons.

The Eheim Professionel 4 Series are the leading high-end canister filters on the market. The new pre-filter design with easy access just under the pump head traps dirt at the top of the filter, making regular maintenance easier. It also significantly extends intervals between biological media cleaning. Simply rinse the pre-filter and change the fine filter pad, and leave the biomedia in the bottom baskets undisturbed, thereby extending the life of the filter.


  • Energy efficient
  • Pre-filter for easy intermediate cleaning
  • Integrated self-priming button
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Multiple media baskets
  • Includes all media
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • For both fresh and saltwater aquariums


Description of the Filtration Process

Filtration Aquarium water enters the filter through the intake tube and then flows downwards to the pre-filter tray. Reversing direction, water then flows up through the first stage prefilter foam - trapping the majority of the large debris at the top.
The water is then pulled down an internal tube to the bottom of the canister where it is dispersed and is suctioned up through the second stage multi-purpose media baskets, at which point it passes through the biological layer or media Eheim Substrat Pro. This media contains thousands of square feet or nitrifying bacteria which biologically breaks down aquarium toxins.
In the third stage, water is pulled through the fine white filter pad, performing the final water polishing by trapping the finest dirt particles. The clean filtered water then flows back out into the aquarium.

Technical Data:


 Model number
2271 2273 2275
 Aquarium size up to gal 65 95 160
 Pump output gal/h 250 275 330
 Power consumption W 12 16 16
 Canister Volume gal 1.6 1.9 2.4
 Filter volume gal .92 1.20 1.60
 Dimensions HxWxD in 14.1x9.3x9.6 15.7x9.3x9.6 17.8x9.3x9.6


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Efficient and Easy-to-Use
By Brian Osmond from Fergus, Ontario, Canada on July 26, 2017
I installed this filter on my new 75 gallon tank about 6 months ago. I recently took it apart to clean the media and unit. I suggest that following the instructions on the You Tube video are easier than the instruction manual included with the filter. Took me about 45 minutes to disconnect, disassemble, clean, reassemble and reconnect. I think that is pretty good for the first time. This filter is very good quality and runs very quietly. I highly recommend this filter.
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