Twinstar M5 - algae inhibitor

Twinstar M5 - algae inhibitor
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  • Manufactured by: Twinstar

Twinstar M5 is designed for inhibition of algae in aquariums from 7 to 31 gallon.


  • inhibits algae from initial growth and reproduction
  • promotes plant growth
  • non-toxic
  • doesn't kill filter bacteria

Twinstar is effective on hair/thread algae, brown algae, blue green algae, fuzz algae, green dust algae, green spot algae.

The algae inhibition program embodied in the Intelligent Controller (IC) chip operates automatically. You don’t need to set a timer. Just press the button and the devices with start operating and the blue LED lamp will be blinking.

Twinstar M5 IC has two modes:

  • Mode 1: for 27 to 48l aquariums
  • Mode 2: for 65 to 120l  aquariums


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great product
By mike from victoria bc, canada on September 15, 2016
while it will not kill existing algae it inhibits further growth. where this product excells is in the oxygen saturation it provides to the creatures and plants during the night. it is also fun to watch it work. i wish it came with a longer cord to the diffuser so it could sit further down in the tank, and would be nice if it were smaller. it is a little invasive in my otherwise clutter free tank.
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