Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)

Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)
Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)
Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)
Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)
Aqualighter Aquascape 30cm (12 inches)

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  • Manufactured by: AquaLighter

Unlike fluorescent aquarium lamps, AquaLighter Aquascape light creates a three-dimensional picture of the aquarium perception, simulating natural sunlight. The OSRAM LEDs, used in the lamp, have a high colour rendering index (CRI> 85).
This makes possible to transmit a true picture of the colours of plants and fish in the aquarium, as close as possible to the one in a natural habitat. 

Aquarium comes alive!
Specially selected range of LEDs helps to successfully contain the majority of species of plants and fish, including the most complex ones. The lamp uses a 2-channel scheme of light sources can be controlled via a remote control. Now you can change the color temperature from warm white to cool white light.

The adjustable legs of AquaLighter Aquascape (30 cm) allow you to place the lamp above the aquarium that is up to 45 cm (18 inches) long and has a wall thickness up to 12 mm.

The light channels in the lamp Aqualighter Aquascape are:

  • "Warm White" channel  - LEDs with a color temperature of 3000K, (CRI> 90).
  • "Cool White" channel - LEDs with a color temperature of 6500K, (CRI> 85).

Remote Control Functions:

  • Turn on / off  the lamp lamp
  • Change the color temperature of light from 3000K to 6500K
  • Change the brightness from 10 % to 100%


The main advantages:
  • SAFE
    Moisture and splash-proof housing. Low voltage. Does not emit harmful substances at all stages of life cycle - production. use and disposal
    Significantly brighter then other aquarium lights. High CRI. Provides natural shades in the aquariumLow power consumption. Low operating costs.
    Resistant to voltage drops in the network. Up to 50 000 hours of continuous operation. 
    The remote controls all lamp functions over the radio channel at a distance of 10 m. You can simultaneously control multiple lights with one remote.


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Good product
By Vladislav Paciu from Quebec, Canada on September 27, 2017
Good strong lights
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