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Supratect 225ml (7.6oz)

Supratect 225ml (7.6oz)

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Supratect is a new Canadian plant based health product approved by Health Canada for strengthening and maintaining the health of aquatic fish. As it is made entirely of plant ingredients, it is 100% natural. It is non-toxic and has no adverse effects on human and fish health. It is also safe for aquatic plants, crustaceans and molluscs. 

Directions of Use:
Add 5ml of  SupratectTM  for every 10 gallon of aquarium water once a month or as needed.

NOTE: As the product is classifiied as a health product not a medication (which would require a lengthy and expensive approval process) the manufacturer can't make any claims. 
We have been using this product in our store for several months and we are impressed by the results. We received a batch of fish with a mild fungus infection and one dose of Supratect solved the issue. 
We had to use 5 consecutive daily doses to eradicate ich (we did a water change between the 4th and 5th dose). The tank contained both plants, shrimps and snails and we haven't lost any of them. However, we started treating it imediatelly after we noticed first signs of ick. We tried it on another ocassion with fish where ick was already progressed and it did not work and we had to switch to a stronger product. 
Commercial fish farmers are using this product to prevent fungus on fish eggs during hatching but we did not have a chance to test that effect yet. 

Benefits of garlic on fish health has been known to fish keepers for a long time. As soon as you open the bottle, your nose will quickly tell you that one of the ingredients is clearly this potent natural remedy. 

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Excellent medic
By MO from Burlington, Canada on October 11, 2022
Highly recommend this product for the Discus
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so far so good
By OS from quebec, canada on June 18, 2022
haven't noticed a big change in the health of my fish but I have not been using it for long.
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By Laceg from Alberta, Lethbridge, Canada on August 08, 2021
I use this with every water change I want to believe it’s doing it’s job all my fish are heathy bright and beautiful this is a great product!
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Packs a punch
By Nick Palmerio from Ontario, Canada on March 17, 2021
I decided to try supratect out after reading all the good reviews. I bought it more for preventative care and to help keep my fishes immune systems healthy and strong. This isn't so much of a review yet as it is a warning. When you open the bottle, hold your breath, and DO NOT smell the supratect. I have a strong stomach, but I was not prepared for what this little bottle had in store for me.
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By AlexanderTheGreat from Trenton, Canada on January 29, 2021
After one night of treatment my fish a responding tremendously. I had a white zit like lump on the top of my fishes mouth and it has already shrunk to 1/4 of the size. I will continue treatment for the next few weeks.
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