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API Activated Filter Carbon 22oz.

Activated Filter Carbon is a unique, lightweight, coal based carbon developed to work effectively in ...

API Rena Bio-Chem Stars
Sold Out

Bio-Chem Stars provide a home for large colonies of healthy and active beneficial nitrifying bacteri ...

API Rena Micro Filtration Pads - 3 Pack
Sold Out

These MicroFiltration pads are designed to be used in any API Filstar xP canister filters (mechanica ...

API Rena Nitra-Zorb
Sold Out

Rena Nitra Zorb is a filtration media designed for Rena Filstar XP filters  to remove ammo ...

API Rena Phos-Zorb
Sold Out

Rena Phos Zorb is a filtration media packaged in a convenient pouch and designed for Rena Filstar XP ...

API Rena Super Micro Filtration Pad

Microfiltration pad with gradual thickness that removes the smallest particles before the water is t ...

API Rena Zeolite Ammonia Remover
Sold Out

API Zeolite Ammonia Remover is a 100% natural ammonia removing medium for use in freshwater aquarium ...

API Rena Filtration 20ppi Pads - 2 Pack

Filtration foam 20ppi for crystal clear water; for use in the API Filstar xP. The 20 ppi foam pad is ...

API Rena Filtration 30ppi Pads - 2 Pack

This filtration foam 30ppi (ppi=pore per inch) is designed to be used in the API  Filstar xP ca ...

API Rena Super Activated Carbon

Super Activated Carbon removes dissolved organics, odors, colors, toxins, medications and much more. ...

API Water Softener Pillow

This ready to use pouch contains resins to remove calcium, magnesium (reduces general hardness) and ...



New Products For November - Filter Media

Metal Halide Lamp NAMH-150W (White)

Replacement metal halide lamp for Grand Solar Ⅰ and Solar Ⅰ. SPlease replace the lamp after ever ....

Bio Rio 2L

ADA Bio Rio is a biological media with a large surface area for benefical bacteria. The media is mai ....

Bird Nest Wood Medium - A

Dimensions: L 30cm  W 15cm x H 55cm...

Bird Nest Wood Medium - B

Dimensions: L 20cm  W 16cm x H 50cm...


Monthly Specials For November

Ultra Red Medium Formula - 125 grams

This formula is designed to enhance red...

Float Surface Feeder Formula- 125g

A balanced daily diet for all cichlids....

Float Jumbo Fish Formula - 375 grams

A balanced daily diet for all cichlids....

Algae Gel Mix 100g

This Algae Gel is simple to mix to crea...

NorthFin Tropical Sticks 1kg

Recommended for all types of carnivore ...

NorthFin Community Formula (1mm) - 100 grams

The NorthFin Community Formula (previou...


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