Thrive+ 1 gallon Refill


  • Thrive+ is a truly comprehensive supplement for high tech planted aquariums with low pH (7 or lower)
  •  It contains two forms of nitrogen for faster uptake and better growth.
  •  Provides the necessary macro and micro nutrients
  •  Highly concentrated all in one fertilizer
  •  1 gallon refill bottle will treat 19,000 gallons

Thrive+ is a comprehensive supplement for freshwater planted aquarium.  It contains all the necessary micro and macro nutrients essential for healthy flora.  Thrive+ contains higher levels of iron then Thrive, as well as nitrogen in both its nitrate and organic forms for increased growth.  It is specially formulated for tanks with a pH under 7. If pH of your water is higher than 7, please use Thrive instead.

If you have soft water or are using RO/DI water you should also be using a GH booster to ensure proper magnesium and calcium levels.

Dosing: 1 pump per 10 gallons, 1 to 3x per week

Each dose adds: 7.5ppm NO3, 5ppm K, 1.3ppm PO4 and 0.4ppm Fe

Analysis:  3.2%N, 0.8%P, 9.4%K, 0.76%Fe, 0.06%Mg, 0.009%Cu, 0.02%B, 0.0002%Co, 0.07%Mn, 0.002%Mo, 0.016%Zn 

Please do not store in the fridge, this is not necessary and may cause issues with the fertilizer


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