ThriveS 1 gallon Refill


  • ThriveS is an all inf one fertilizer for planted aquariums with shrimps
  • ThriveS is specially designed to support plant growth without putting sensitive shrimp at risk
  • Doesn't contain copper
  •  Provides the necessary macro and micro nutrients
  •  Highly concentrated all in one fertilizer
  •  1 gallon refill bottle will treat approximately 19,000 gallons

All living organisms, including shrimps, require certain amount of copper. However, shrimps are quite sensitive to elevated levels of copper. Therefore ThriveS doesn't contain any copper. 

Dosing: 1 pump per 10 gallons, 1 to 3x per week

Please do not store in the fridge, this is not necessary and may cause issues with the fertilizer



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