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Horrible 1st experience :(

Thursday 19 October, 2017

I am writing to warn about the EB rams. Last week I received two EB rams, both were underfed with deformities. Added to deformities Angelfins shipped me a ram with an obvious head 'injury'. Devastated, later,I highly suspect it's a lymphocystis outbreak. Here's a video the morning after I added them, so anyone considering purchase can decide for themselves The one with suspected lymph also has a deformed or missing gill plate. I've honestly never seen such inbred fish!

When I contacted Jarmila (sent the video), she admitted she doesn't have time to look at the fish netted for shipping. She asked me if I was a vet! How rude!
A vid the day I received them just to show what you might get! Stay away from the EB rams!

Response from Angelfins: Thank you very much for your feedback. We inspect our fish several times a day and look for possible issues. We net them only an hour before Canada Post or couriers comes to pick them up, to minimize the amount of time the fish has to spend in the bag. As this has to be done relatively quickly due to the deadline, we do not spend more than a few seconds on netting each fish. In your case, we were mainly looking at fins to be able to sex them. It is possible that the fish got injured between our last inspection and netting and when we netted her, she faced the other way and we did not notice it. When you contacted us you were not sure if it was an injury or a growth. It is is hard to see it from your pictures and videos. We refunded you the money for not only the affected fish but for the entire order. The only reason why we were questioning whether you were a vet, was because you claimed later to be 96% sure that the fish has a lymphocystis. This disease is difficult to diagnose by simply observing the affected fish. We took your concerned seriously and we contacted 3 experts and stopped selling the EB rams until we heard back from them (one week). All three of them agreed that is unlikely that the fish carries lymphocystis - to be 100% sure an expensive test would have to be performed and they did not see a reason for that. The remaining EB rams have been in our store for more than 3 weeks now and they do not show any signs of disease. They spawn regularly and have a healthy appetite.
Testimonial By: Kat Thoms — Gatineau, QC, Canada

Beautiful Rams

Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Received my order and I have to say they are the most amazing rams I have seen in a while! I am in love!
Testimonial By: Jasmin Tanash — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Thank you!

Saturday 14 October, 2017

Excellent customer service, very fast shipping, convenient payment options and unbeatable prices! Wide selection of all sorts of items made it easy for me to fix up all my Eheims without having to order from a dozen different stores. I'm very happy with shopping experience at and will definitely buy from this store again. Cheers!
Testimonial By: Alex K — Calgary, AB, Canada

great company

Friday 13 October, 2017

great products and fast service
Testimonial By: Dario Gheller — London, ON, Canada

Superb Customer Service

Wednesday 11 October, 2017

Possibly the best experiences I've had ordering online along with the best prices and product selection is AngelFins hands down. Thanks again for my recent order received :)

...Ralph Ciardullo
Testimonial By: Ralph Ciardullo — Toronto, ON, Canada

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Amazing Site & Service!

Angelfins, go above & beyond to help you. Great service! helpful, friendly, informative, fast shipping, great prices, great variety. I will getting AL .


Excellent professionals. Ordered thrice from them. Never had any issue with these folks. Only advise will be that if they can add approx ETA in th .


Exemplary company! I am very impressed, in particular, with their excellent customer service, honesty, communications and assurance that I, the custom .

Keep on rockin!

Very happy with your past service! Keep on rockin!

great company

great products and fast service

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