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Great customer service and quality hillstream loaches

Thursday 15 October, 2020

This being my first online order I had a few questions. My emails were answered very quickly. Once the hillstream loaches shipped they were at my door within about 23 hours. All 4 arrived in good health. They are doing great in their quarantine tank. I will definitely order again sometime.
Testimonial By: Jamie Wice — Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Great Place!

Saturday 10 October, 2020

I’m glad I found out about angelfins. Their prices are very competitive. Very positive experience on my first order and the transaction was very straightforward. I ordered german blue rams and neon tetras. They were well packaged and very healthy. Definately going to be my first choice when looking for lovestock.
Testimonial By: Rhey B — ON, Canada

Fantastic Store!

Sunday 20 September, 2020

I've made two livestock orders and many orders of dry goods, the fish came healthy and with no casualties. The dry goods have been of top quality, and they carry some hard to find products. Prices are amazing too, and shipping is fast - in many instances the orders came earlier than expected. Customer service is great as well, e-mail responses came very quickly. AngelFins has taken the top spot in places to order from and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
Testimonial By: Rex — Ottawa, ON, Canada

Amazing customer service

Saturday 19 September, 2020

A week after I received an order of approx 43 fish, I received an email asking to review my order. I am always pleased with my shipment because it’s timely, well packed and I’m contacted personally if there is an issue or change to be made in my order. The advice is always spot on and quick. In this order unfortunately I received 8 of the same fish that didn’t survive long. I know this is part of being a hobbyist—it can happen. I sent my review of the fish as well as positive reviews of the rest of the order. To my surprise within a few hours I received a reimbursement for the 8 fish. That is incredible customer service. Don’t be afraid to order from Angelfins. They are a top notch company!
Testimonial By: Stephanie Graham — Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


Friday 18 September, 2020

Shipping was fast, and my little puffers were absolutely perfect! It's been over a week now and they are doing fantastic. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Tina Patterson — ON, Canada

Livestock purchases

Friday 04 September, 2020

Have ordered fish twice now & both times they have been beautiful & healthy! Love this place!
Testimonial By: Martina Leonard — Scarborough, ON, Canada

1st Class Products & Exceptional Customer Service

Friday 04 September, 2020

Guys you need to use AngelFins for all your aquarium products! They are the best! Resonable prices and fast delivery.
Recently I found out that the best bio filter media in the world is Biohome Ultimate made of heat treated silica sand and the best way to colonize them with beneficial bacteria is to use Filter Starter Balls. After researching where I could buy these 1st class products I found out that the sole distributor in Canada is AngelFins. I ordered both of them online for my different size aquariums to replace the bio filters in them.
My order was processed extremely fast and arrived exactly at the promised time. I had a misunderstanding about the quantity of the Filter Starter Balls. So I contacted AngelFins via email. They responded immediately and instead of going into any arguments they simply reimbursed me for the whole price of that product.
Thank you AngelFins! You are the best in the Canadian market! I am looking forward to order more products from you.
Testimonial By: Gabriel Angi-Dobos — St. Catharines, ON, Canada

One of the best stores in Canada.

Tuesday 01 September, 2020

Angelfins is always super helpful, best customer service. They have a great selection of quality products. I would highly recommend Angelfins for any of your aquarium and aquascaping needs.
Testimonial By: Dylan Renke — Talbotville, ON, Canada

Great Store

Friday 07 August, 2020

Angel Fins is an honest store and one of integrity. I ordered 12 Neon Tetras as well as some other items, for pick up. As promised the pickup was flawless and easy. One of the items was out of stock and was substituted with a better quality product at greater price, which was not passed on to me. The fish arrived home and I have only lost one. This was not reported to Angel Fins as they do not control life and death. They have provided excellent help and advice to me. My suggestion to you is that if you are looking for a first class supplier of anything fish related, look no further. Use Angel Fins. I will be.
Testimonial By: William P. — Hanover, ON, Canada


Tuesday 04 August, 2020

im in vancouver bc got some hillstream loaches and other things each order came fast everything packed nicely theres lots of fish stores here in vancouver but angel fins has great selection fast friendly knowledgeable staff im gonna order again soon thanks angel fins
Testimonial By: randy phillips — coquitlam, BC, Canada

Plant shipment

Tuesday 28 July, 2020

I just received my order of live plants from Angel Fins and all I can say is...WOW! They’re all super green and healthy and the Java ferns I ordered are huge! I’ll be able to fill in my new rimless tank ( which I also ordered from Angel Fins) in no time. I’m very impressed, I only wish I lived closer, I’d love to visit the store.
Testimonial By: Alex V — London, ON, Canada


Thursday 16 July, 2020

Just wanted to say how pleased we have been over the years with your excellent service. Also wanted to say what a pleasure it is to deal with Jamila. Rob
Testimonial By: Robert Connell — london, ON, Canada

Multiple Successful Orders

Friday 03 July, 2020

I have ordered from Angelfins multiple times and had a great experience every time. Customer service is excellent and very responsive.

10/10 would recommend.
Testimonial By: nick ceolin — Toronto, ON, Canada

Worth the money

Tuesday 30 June, 2020

This is the second time I order and and very satisfied with my purchase. The package arrived on time, plants are really healthy, my fish and snails arrived in good shape too. They do an amazing job packaging livestock and plants and overall service is great. I will order again.
Testimonial By: Miguel — Montréal, QC, Canada

Amazing Service and Prices

Wednesday 24 June, 2020

By far the best prices I've seen around. Jarmila has been very helpful to my inquiries and even offered to refund or replace some livestock I was not 100% satisfied with. I would definitely recommend anyone to shop there specially if it's a driving distance away.
Testimonial By: Mathew Chan Tin — Brampton, ON, Canada

Excellent stock and delivery

Tuesday 23 June, 2020

Ordered 12 neons and 2 rams, arrived the next day. (Fish in bag max 20 hours) All arrived alive despite the heat in shipping. Very pleased will order again
Testimonial By: Dylan Brown — Montreal, QC, Canada

Red Root Floaters

Friday 19 June, 2020

Honestly some of the best red root floaters i’ve received in the mail, with 95% of it in perfect condition and the other 5% still viable but a little more beaten up. This company was also wonderful to deal and its great to support a Canadian business!
Testimonial By: Nicoleta Mavritsakis — BC, Canada

By far the best service I've ever gotten

Tuesday 16 June, 2020

One of my first orders with angelfins was delayed due to Canada Post, and even though they weren't obligated to give me a refund for the DOA's since the delay wasn't their fault, they did anyways and secured a longtime customer. Thanks especially to Jarmila for great customer service!
Testimonial By: Robert Wong — Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cheap products

Tuesday 16 June, 2020

If only I live in where this shop is it would be really great. Reasoning is the products are good and cheap, a 20 long gallon for $69!? A 17 gallon frameless tank $105? Man too bad I live far and has to get it ship for $$. Overall, really great shop.
Testimonial By: MrDussel — Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Best service!!

Thursday 11 June, 2020

Angelfins is the only place I will go for my fish and products! They provide incredible service and the healthiest fish I have ever seen. I have purchased in store and recently via the locker pickup service and both are absolutely amazing. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!
Testimonial By: Lisa Kuntz — Elmira, ON, Canada


Saturday 06 June, 2020

i ordered 10 orange shrimps and 2 crayfish,sadly 1 of them arrived DOA and i got refunded the same day, i really recommend this seller; shipping was fast and the package was very secured.
The most important i received healthy and active shrimps. Thanks
Testimonial By: Elkin — Montreal, QC, Canada

My new fish shop

Friday 29 May, 2020

Where to start. I've made a few orders now, both livestock and dry goods. The quality of product and the customer service received has been among the best that I have found anywhere. From the excellent packing, fast shipping, great prices, and to going above and beyond when a mistake was made to achieve 100% satisfaction, Angelfins has impressed me with their quality of service. I'll be making quite a few more orders in the future, as the fish hobby is more of an addiction that a hobby, and Angelfins is my new enabler :)
Testimonial By: Nick Palmerio — Cornwall, ON, Canada

Angelfins is Amazing

Sunday 24 May, 2020

5*'s We live in a community were there's not a lot of variety of fish & sometimes when there is, it's costly. My fish & plants always arrived on time, alive & healthy! Communication was prompt & professional! Which is why I'm a repeat/loyal customer.
Testimonial By: Renee Lapierre

Absolutely perfect

Saturday 23 May, 2020

Thanks for the experience everything arrived Fast, safely and incredibly well Packed. I appreciate the excellent service and Individual attention That I received. I will forever be a loyal customer!!!
Testimonial By: Renee Jarjour — Montreal, QC, Canada

Top Service

Wednesday 20 May, 2020

It's easy to praise a company when everything goes perfect. But it speaks most when something goes wrong and the company handles it with the manner in which AngelFins has. One order of fish arrived DOA. No hassle, no drama, and very prompt with their replies to the situation. They were very polite and respectful about it and assured me my next order would be delivered next available business day. I had placed a new order shortly after of the same fish which arrived alive and in good shape.
This is a company that shows their customers a lot of patience and respect. Things happen, there are a lot of variables in shipping fish, some things that go wrong aren't the fault of anyone, but AngelFins apologized for it anyways and refunded my order. It is great to see this level of customer service, as it is so easy to just shrug it off. I am a happy customer and will enjoy further service from this store.
Testimonial By: Casey and Devin Meanney — Windsor, ON, Canada

Absolutely Fantastic

Wednesday 13 May, 2020

This is the second order from AngelFins. I am thoroughly impressed by the speed of delivery even during the pandemic and the quality of the goods and livestock. All animals arrived healthy, perky and ready to join their tankmates. Despite being out of one of the items I had ordered, they were quick to contact me and we arranged an alternate replacement. I can't wait to be able to visit the store in person!
Testimonial By: Rondalea Drummond — Hanover, ON, Canada


Wednesday 13 May, 2020

Angelfins is my go to for any aquarium related products I need. Fish and plants always arrive healthy and professionally packaged. On top of this, Angelfins prices are almost always lower when compared to other online sites. Theyre also great at responding to emails and answering any questions you may have. If anyone ever asks me where I shop for my aquarium supplies, I always recommend Angelfins! Even during the current pandemic, service is still amazing, thank you!
Testimonial By: Ryan — ON, Canada


Thursday 30 April, 2020

My first time order with Angelfins all my fish arrived safely for me the best customer service.
Testimonial By: Permalloo parasooramen — Montréal, QC, Canada

Great prices and even better service

Wednesday 29 April, 2020

Angelfins has some of the most competitive prices I've ever seen, even better than amazon on most products and way better than any other LFS for livestock, and despite this their quality is still top notch. The fish are all immaculate and free from deformities, the packaging is great and the customer service is just amazing. Packages are shipped out super quick and emails are responded to within hours. It's a great and reliable website.
Testimonial By: Mayur Patel — Brampton, ON, Canada

Great Service!

Wednesday 29 April, 2020

My Son and I have made around 4 orders so far and found the service fast and exacting despite our present global situation. Our orders of substrate, plants, livestock and equipment were accurate and arrived in perfect condition. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Jarmila for her friendly service and wonderful knowledge. We will continue to deal with these great Canadian people!
Testimonial By: Christopher Lansing — Burlington, ON, Canada

Great products

Saturday 25 April, 2020

All i can say is they are the best around everything is always healthy and well priced will only being getting my stuff from here for now on
Testimonial By: Robert Vandergroef — Keswick, ON, Canada


Wednesday 22 April, 2020

I ordered a few varieties of anubius plants and some marimo balls. This is the first time I’ve ever ordered plants online and I’m very happy with the product I received, the plants all look healthy and green. They came pretty quickly considering the delays going on right now. I will definitely be making more orders in the future.
Testimonial By: Alexandra Vecchio — London, ON, Canada


Tuesday 21 April, 2020

These guys are amazing!
And I think the only place in eastern Canada that ships live fish during this crisis. You’d think more stores would jump on board as people have the time to spend with their tanks. Regardless these guys are doing what they need to do to get it done. Customer service is fantastic, shipping is packed well and neat. Can’t praise enough!
Testimonial By: Sarah Silver — Toronto, ON, Canada

Great customer service!

Tuesday 21 April, 2020

I half-jokingly requested them to send me the prettiest gourami of the bunch, expecting them to just send me a random pick, but instead was contacted by Jarmila to be informed that there were only females in stock (less colourful)! I was very surprised they reached out to me! I was offered either a cancellation or a hold on my order until new males came in, but let the order come through anyways. I received a very healthy and very lively female! I’m extremely happy. Amazing customer service and products
Testimonial By: Austin Elfman — Ancaster, ON, Canada

Absolutely Amazing

Tuesday 21 April, 2020

I placed an order for pickup in their new locker boxes and not only was it ready to go in an hour, they were able to get me exactly what I requested! I ordered 6 Madagascar Rainbowfish and 2 Blackfin Pearl Killifish, requested pairs of each and Angelfins was able to make that happen. All of the fish are very healthy and seem to be settling in well. 10/10, Thanks Angelfins!
Testimonial By: Kris Rogers — Innerkip, ON, Canada

Excellent service

Monday 20 April, 2020

Shipping in Ontario was fast!!! Ordered Thursday night received Monday. Will order from the company again...
Testimonial By: Jason Salisbury — Windsor, ON, Canada


Saturday 18 April, 2020

Fish came in healthy and well packed, customer service awesome. Thank you so much!
Testimonial By: Madeleine Poirier — Mississippi Mills, ON, Canada

Excellent Service

Monday 13 April, 2020

Hi there I ordered for the very first time from Angelfins and am very impressed the package arrived in excellent condition the service was quick and efficient. will definitely be ordering from Angelfins again.
Testimonial By: JOSEPH NEMETH — EDMONTON, AB, Canada

Responsible Business

Sunday 05 April, 2020

I ordered Siamese algae eater and due to Canada Post delays due to COVID situation, I could not receive it on time. The angel fins team were responsible to send me a replacement Siamese late eater right away and I could not be more thankful to them for their responsibility. It is really hard to find a Siamese algae eater in Toronto and I was really desperate about getting because my tank was doing badly. The siamese has changed the outlook of the tank in a week and I am much thankful to Jarmila and her team for it.

Testimonial By: Muddassar jawed — scarborough, ON, Canada

Amazing place!

Monday 30 March, 2020

They are very accommodating, response times are amazing.
Fish I have purchased are all very healthy and lively.
Shipping is great, as well as in store pick up.

They have a lot of unique fish and also have the knowledge to back it up.

Being a small store they have it all.

I only with they had more in stock of the things I want.
However its still worth the wait as all the fish and plants I have perched are top notch. 20/10 store.
Testimonial By: Faith-anne Seale — Salford, ON, Canada

Perfect service

Thursday 26 March, 2020

Great job. Zero deaths in my fish order. 1 day delivery. Will definitely use again. Thankyou
Testimonial By: Joseph Lapthorne — London, ON, Canada

Great experience!

Friday 06 March, 2020

I ordered some shrimp, pea puffers, and dwarf hair grass. Everything was received in great condition! I couldn't be more happy with the service, and would definitely order again!
Testimonial By: Joseph Thai — North York, ON, Canada


Thursday 05 March, 2020

This was the first time I had ordered any livestock online, and this was an amazing experience. All my 5 chili rasboras, 3 rili shrimp, 2 orange shrimp, and 1 dwarf crayfish arrived alive and well!!! All were in fantastic shape and remain in fantastic shape after introducing them to my community tank. Quick and painless service - and very impressed with the care in which livestock was packaged. The heat packs were still warm when I received my package. Will absolutely order from here again. I am beyond impressed!!
Testimonial By: Tammy Silber — Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Great service and excellent product

Tuesday 14 January, 2020

First time ordering livestock online and I have to say it was great. Fish arrived well packaged (and heated with heat packs). Hillstream loaches in great shape. Acclimated and added to a new'ish tank, doing well. Service was excellent, quick to respond to questions and resolved a shipping label issue (cause by me allow google to fill out my shipping address). I will definitely buy from Angelfins again. Thank you.
Testimonial By: CHAD CORBITT — Oshawa, ON, Canada


Thursday 19 December, 2019

First time ordering fish online. Everything was great. There was a mix up with shipping so they were in the bag an extra day. Everything is alive and not to cold as they included 2 heat packs. Only negative part was one missing snail from my order but every else was great.
Testimonial By: Reece Woon — Tillsonburg, ON, Canada

Yet another happy order

Wednesday 13 November, 2019

Ordered again, everything well packed and arrived in good shape. Despite the nasty cold weather outside and overnight shipping, my fish arrived toasty and alive. They have settled in their new home, exploring all the plants and driftwood. Healthy, active, and arrived quick. The heater I ordered arrived in perfect condition and works well so far. Fast shipping on that was a lifesaver since our old one broke and our farlowella needs higher temps than what was given with it broken. The new heater works perfect and couldn't have arrived sooner. Thank you again! Will not hesitate to recommend this store or shop again!
Testimonial By: Casey and Devin Meanney — Windsor, ON, Canada

Great service!!

Friday 01 November, 2019

Angelfins, keep up the great work!!! I am so satisfied with all the products I have bought so far, and shipping is incredibly fast!!! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!! AAA !!!
Testimonial By: Arthur Sousa — Montréal, QC, Canada


Tuesday 29 October, 2019

I finally tried Fedex with the 1 day for the fish, 10 Chili Rasbora (Boraras brigittae) 2 Super Red Bristlenose Pleco - Short Fin and 10 Amano Shrimp small. Arrived on painlessly on time, right to my door. All aboard were healthy, active and eager to take a dip in the aquarium. No chasing down CP for days trying to find my fish.
Testimonial By: Derrick Kearney — Halifax, NS, Canada

Excellent Service

Wednesday 16 October, 2019

Just received my 2nd order of shrimp from Angelfin (my first, had 2 deaths which I was IMMEDIATELY credited for), and everyone is happy and healthy!

Would definitely order from Angelfin again!
Testimonial By: Laurie Steffler — Waterloo, ON, Canada

Ziss Artemia Blender ZH-2000

Saturday 05 October, 2019

Excellent service and product. the only tip i'd offer is to buy some 5/16 ID clear plastic tubing to put on output spout because it is very low under hatcher and hard to collect without disturbing floating egg husks. with hose attached, much easier and can use any collecting container that you want. very well built and designed
Testimonial By: Kevin O'Neill — ottawa, ON, Canada

Very Impressed

Thursday 19 September, 2019

The Java Moss and Corkscrew Val portions I received were exceptional size and quality. I'm very new to the hobby and thrilled to find a Canadian company providing such a good value. Thank you Angel Fins!
Testimonial By: K S — Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Great customer service

Monday 16 September, 2019

So a while ago I had placed an order for Limnophila Aromatic, but was unfortunately sent Limnophila Sessiliflora. I'm guessing it was an honest mistake because once I had advised AngelFins of their error, they immediately sent me the correct plant even though it had been almost 2 weeks since my original order. 100% satisfied with the customer service!
Testimonial By: Dale Mercier — Trenton, ON, Canada


Saturday 10 August, 2019

Thank you Angelfins! Fast order processing and at my door in 4 days. I'll be back.
Testimonial By: James Burke — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Amazing customer service

Tuesday 06 August, 2019

By far my favorite fish store. Jarmila does a great job of alway making you feel welcome and is there to answer any questions I might have, even on her busiest days! My kids love visiting the store and seeing all the fantastic fish they get.
Testimonial By: Justin Coombs — Elora, ON, Canada

Best Supplier in Canada, imo.

Tuesday 30 July, 2019

I have purchased several things from angelfins over the past couple of years and i have to say they are the best at what they do. i recently purchased "GSL BRINE SHRIMP EGGS PREMIUM GRADE (80%) 425G" and i cant believe what a superior hatch and viability i get out of these cycsts. much better than any other type i have tried. that is the why i buy from Angelfins. they have the best stuff at reasonable prices...much better than amazon, etc. I cant overemphasise the quality and professionalism of this place. Shop here and enjoy your hobby!
Testimonial By: Kevin O'Neill — ottawa, ON, Canada

*****Five Star Rating !

Friday 26 July, 2019

I became aware of Angelfins early 2019 and wish I would have found it earlier. Great service / quality products / and fast next day shipping for me. I really like the fact that they bring in livestock that is rarely found elsewhere and pricing is very good also. I highly recommend this store and I constantly mention Angelfins to my contacts in the aquarium world. Lastly I love supporting Canadian small businesses instead of the large foreign owned box stores.
Testimonial By: Eon Korzen — NORTH YORK, ON, Canada

Amazing Service

Thursday 25 July, 2019

You are more than $$ in their pockets. This is definitely a company that cares about their customers' satisfaction. I will definitely order from AngelFins again whenever I need anything for my aquariums.
Testimonial By: Susan Searr — Sainte-Julienne, QC, Canada

Fast Shipping!

Wednesday 24 July, 2019

First time ordering, fast shipping, will order from again.
Testimonial By: Justin — Vancouver, BC

Very pleased!

Tuesday 23 July, 2019

I was nervous about ordering live fish online but they came well packaged and in good health. The ember Tetras coloured up quickly and are thriving. And though I’ve read they are timid, these little guys are not shy at all.
Testimonial By: Lana — Mildmay, ON, Canada


Thursday 18 July, 2019

I've never ordered fish on line before. This was the only store that had the type of fish I was looking for, at a decent price, besides. Very affordable shipping cost as well. I was worried about the condition my fish would in. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the packaging and the condition of my fish. It was so well done, clearly with the best interest of the fish in mind. I would most certainly recommend this store if you want to order fish on line. Great customer service as well.
Testimonial By: Annie Leeming — Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ordered some noodles

Tuesday 09 July, 2019

Very nervous ordering live animals online for the first time, but the many other good reviews convinced me to take the chance. I am most definitely not disappointed! My little kuhli loaches arrived healthy and active, though super tiny and adorable, and they settled in their new home very quick. The single black kuhli came too, as a friend to add to the two i already had at home and hes joined right in with them, though he seems to be a different variation (hes got a two-toned body with a dark stripe running down his side compared to the uniform chocolate colour of the usual ones.) Hes cute and making himself at home with his two new friends.

As we grow into this fishkeeping hobby, we look forward to ordering again without hesitation. Thank you for the new noodles, my blackwater loach tank can finally have a nice group of noodles to live in. We cant buy the banded kuhlis around where i live, only ever the black ones, so it was great finding an option for them.
Testimonial By: Casey and Devin Meanney — ON, Canada

Absolutely Amazing!!!!

Wednesday 05 June, 2019

What can I say their customer service is absolutely amazing. My package arrived extremely quickly. The quality of service is like no other. Highly recommended and definitely will be ordering again.
Testimonial By: Aaron St.michel — St.Catherines, ON, Canada

Thrilled with the products!

Wednesday 15 May, 2019

Thank you so much for the order. It’s the first time I’ve ordered fish online and I am thrilled with what I received. Everything was well packed and shipped and arrived with no problems. The order contained 48 fish and shrimp and everyone arrived alive. My friend was also happy with his order. I was pleased with the size of the angels and was amused by how tiny cute the kuhli loach are. I look forward to watching all of the fish and shrimp grow in my 2 tanks. I will definitely recommend you to friends and order again in the future.
Testimonial By: Stephanie Graham — Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Always Quality Service

Wednesday 15 May, 2019

Very professional! Love the quality of products they offer and I can’t wait to one day go visit their shop ! Thanks
Testimonial By: Jeannette Madigan Raymond — ST Catharines, ON, Canada

2 Thumps Up

Tuesday 07 May, 2019

I have just started ordering livestock from Angelfins and I must say I'm very happy with the service and the team. Being in the customer service industry for more than 19 years, I'm very pleased with what I receive as service so far. Understanding, honest, flexibility and very dedicated.
Jarmila: thank you for everything. I will for sure continue to order stuffs from you.
Testimonial By: Quan Nguyen — Laval, QC, Canada

The best.

Monday 29 April, 2019

This store is the only place I have been ordering for.past 4 years. And I have never been disappointed. Prompt , good products and responsible owners.
Testimonial By: Muddassar jawed — scarborough, ON, Canada

Awesome Filter!!

Thursday 25 April, 2019

I am super happy with my filter, works just as described!! Great work AngelFins!!!!!
Testimonial By: Arthur Sousa — Montréal, QC, Canada

Large Cardinal Tetras

Wednesday 17 April, 2019

This is my second livestock purchase and I was delighted by the health and vigour of these fish. The Cardinals took a few delays to settle and school in the open parts of the tank. Jarmila was very helpful in suggestions for acclimating the new Cardinals. A good value purchase with very helpful and quick customer service.
Testimonial By: Keith Ewings — Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


Wednesday 17 April, 2019

The six GBRs came well protected with heat packs and were quite active even in the bag. They were a little pale but their colours quickly brightened after a few minutes in my tank. They staked out their territories and were looking for food very quickly after introduction to my 50 gallon community tank. These GBRs are well coloured, quite active, eat a variety of frozen,freeze dried and dry foods. This my first online livestock purchase and I would not hesitate to purchase through AngelFins again.
Testimonial By: Keith Ewings — Niagara Falls, ON, Canada


Tuesday 09 April, 2019

Just got my dwarf puffer and honey red Gourami and they are perfect and well fed. Both came in with some weight to them and seem perfectly healthy!
Will be ordering again!
Testimonial By: Ian holm — Markham, ON, Canada

Customer Focused

Wednesday 03 April, 2019

I was searching for a Canadian distributor of Biohome filter media. Not only do they supply it, they do so at a very competitive price! Along with that order, I purchased a few other smaller items. One of the items was not the correct size. When I commented about that in a review, they immediately (literally within a few minutes of posting) contacted me to inquire. Jarmila was incredibly responsive, professional and polite and shipped me the correct size the very same day. It is a rare thing to receive such great customer service these days. I am very impressed and am looking forward to a continued relationship with Angel Fins!
Testimonial By: Jonathan Acorn — Surrey, BC, Canada

They never disappoint!

Wednesday 13 March, 2019

Ive purchased over 20 fish from them just in the past month and never had one die during the shipment! Also my school of German Rams that purchased last month have laid so many eggs and are all healthy! This is the only place I trust and recommend for online purchases when it comes to live-fish! Thanks for your great business!
Testimonial By: Shahryar Salajegheh — Ottawa, ON, Canada

Professional And Reliable

Sunday 24 February, 2019

I have had only good experiences thus far in dealing with this company.
They are attentive, professional, and reliable.
An online company you can trust to do well by you. They fix issues and answer questions with no arrogance. Truly a pleasure to deal with.
Competitive pricing and products as advertised.
Testimonial By: Johanne — QC, Canada

$$ Well Spent

Wednesday 20 February, 2019

I have bought products online & from their store and the products are amazing and my fish and plants are ALL flourishing. I am waiting as I compose this on a new assortment of plants only due to the fact my aussie lobster has eaten a few and so has a few other fish til I started feeding them freshly washed spinach leaves and frozen peas lol. These people are VERY helpful and will respond via email as stated by someone else. I try to ONLY shop from here.
Testimonial By: Barbara Bell — Palmerston, ON, Canada

Great Products

Friday 15 February, 2019

Ordered Breeder's blend and growth blend flake foods. Was worried that my fish wouldn't take to it (they're wild and finnicky). Fish loved it. Also, some of the flakes in the bulk bags are massive and great for large fish.

Fast shipping.
Testimonial By: Andrei Vexler — Mississauga, ON, Canada

Great quality and customer service

Thursday 17 January, 2019

I ordered three Oto cats and one Apisto for my black water tank. The Apisto came in with surprisingly good colours despite the transit. I had one oto dead on arrival. This was to no fault of the shippers, the bags and box were packed great and the heat packs at kept the water warm. It was simply just a weaker fish that couldn’t weather the storm of transit. I emailed them letting them know, and within a few hours I had received both a response and a re-fund. They were also concerned as to how this may have happened— this level of interest and engagement prior to the sale really shows the care they put into their work. I am excited to order from AngelFins again.
Testimonial By: Owen Saull — Hamilton, ON, Canada

Very Impressed!

Sunday 13 January, 2019

Ive ordered everything from simple aquasoil and thermometers right up to rimless braceless aquariums and each time angelfins delivers a high-quality product for a great price. I was a bit nervous to order an aquarium online and have it shipped, but the packing on the tank was next level and would've required quite a bit of force to even mark it. Impressed beyond belief!
Testimonial By: Phillip — NB


Friday 11 January, 2019

Excellent service. I ordered a few times from Angelfins and I have never got disappointed. Professionalism and courtesy, care and excellent communication, these are to expect from Angelfins. If one needs an advise they will get the right one. I have done lots of research on buying online different items for everything related to aquarium hobby and I must say Angelfins is no 1 seller in Canada and offers excellent quality when it comes to aquatics , fish , plants, equipment you name it. If today I can fulfill my childhood interests is because of Angelfins.
Testimonial By: Karina Andone — Île-Perrot, QC, Canada

Bolivian Rams

Thursday 27 December, 2018

Received shipment on a very cold winter day, all fish were a little cold and stressed when unpacked but quickly recovered. All eating and colouring well two weeks later, very pleased with this purchase.
Testimonial By: David O'Gorman — London, Ontario, Canada, ON, Canada


Saturday 22 December, 2018

I hate to have to write a negative review, but I have spent months watching these Cory cats and I can tell you for certain that they are not the same species. I have tried to convince myself that they just look different, but comparing the pictures on this website has made it obvious to me.

I ordered 2 black Schultzii Corydoras
I received 1 black Schultzii and 1 Bronze Aeneus
The fish look very similar, but I get the feeling that this was no mistake.

Response from Angelfins: Can you please be so kind and send us a photo of the fish. Our bronze cories were housed in a different tank and were much smaller so we do not see how we could have shipped you a wrong species by mistake. Thank you.

Update from February 15th: Unfortunately, we haven't received any response or photos from the customer of the cory that the customer thinks is not a true black venezuela corydora.
Testimonial By: Autumn Chambers — Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Great service

Friday 14 December, 2018

Excellent People to deal with and packaging Was awesome will be ordering more
Testimonial By: Kevin Humenny — Regina, SK, Canada

another good experience

Sunday 09 December, 2018

I've ordered dry goods before from AngelFins but just borught in some fish from them and am again impressed. Their customer service and shipping are excellent and the fish all arrived in great shape. I will definitely order again from them !!
Testimonial By: Russell Hennessey — Surrey, BC, Canada

Amazing store!

Saturday 01 December, 2018

I always come to this store and leave absolutely satisfied! Jarmila offers amazing deals and great quality fish as well as amazing fish knowledge and products!!! I wouldn't shop anywhere else!
Testimonial By: Tanya Gartner — Guelph, ON, Canada

Excellent service and products!

Wednesday 07 November, 2018

This was my 1st time ordering from AngelFins.. Everything arrived extremely well packed and customer service is top notch! AngelFins is now my go-to place for my aquariums' needs.
Testimonial By: Susan Symons — Brantford, ON, Canada

Superb Service & Ultra Healthy Fish

Wednesday 05 September, 2018

I highly recommend, if you're going to buy fish online, you buy from Angelfins!! It's been a long time since I attempted to buy fish online, but with poor stock options in my area, and really wanting Corydoras Pygmeaus for my Community tank, I had to give it a try. The customer service was superb. As soon as I realized there was something odd happening with my 1-day Priority shipping not being updated, I messaged them right away & within 30 minutes was called back. I received the delivery a day late, but the fish were all perfectly healthy. Even a week later, and I haven't lost a single one. I can't say that for the bigger store's fish!! Thx so much Angelfins, I'll certainly buy from you again!!
Testimonial By: Sarah — Belleville, ON, Canada

Great customer experience, will order again and again!

Wednesday 29 August, 2018

Excellent customer service, Great Packaging of livestock. Fast and inexpensive shipping. Quality fish with no deaths on arrival. I ordered 50 fishes at once. Place large orders with piece of mind. The owner is also very helpful and replies quickly. What a pleasant customer experience! Would gladly do business with again. Thank you Angelfins!
Testimonial By: Phil Laberge — Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC, Canada

Very pleased to do business w/ Angelfins

Tuesday 28 August, 2018

So far this year , I've placed 3 orders threw Angelfins , not once have I been disappointed with any my purchases.
really surprised with shipping, I live in Hamilton ont , placed my last order late Saturday evening,shipped Monday morning and in my mailbox tuesday afternoon!! Angelfins you guys are awesome TY .. Michael.
Testimonial By: malki hishmeh — hamilton, ON, Canada

Amazing Company extremely helpful

Saturday 18 August, 2018

AngelFins has always been helpful answering any and all of my questions extremely quickly. All of the products i have received have been high quality at an affordable price. Their shipping has been timely and efficient; packaging is always well prepared. I am constantly amazed at how communicative they are whenever i need assistance or just have a few simple questions. AngelFins not only has great service, but they seem genuinely happy to see their customers succeed in the fish and plant keeping hobby.

Altogether, AngelFins is a wonderful website to use and communication is always friendly and i cannot recommend them enough!

As a side note, Hortlab tissue cultures have been one of my favourite products available online.
Testimonial By: Dylan Renke — Talbotville, ON, Canada


Saturday 21 July, 2018

Great people to deal with. Found this place recently and did a test order of a couple cups of Monte Carlo plants. They arrived quickly and in great condition and well packaged. Next placed an order for a hard to find tank and it arrived a week early (according to the tracking) and was packaged so well you could have probably dropped it down a flight of stairs and not broken it.

Will be ordering from here in the future, and will recommend to fellow keepers.
Testimonial By: Travis Forseth — Kamloops, BC, Canada

First time with shipped fish

Saturday 26 May, 2018

***** Five Stars. I was hesitant to have fish shipped but I live hours away from the store. Jarmila is so helpful and the fish are beautiful. Packaged very well and they were coloured up quickly and are so robust and healthy. You will not find a better place for livestock. I also ordered plants and they are equally healthy. I highly recommend AngelFins.
Testimonial By: Melanie — London, Ontario

happy customer

Wednesday 16 May, 2018

Always awsome service,fish are healty and they have quality products ,ordering on the site is easy and well made ,shipping is fast will keep ordering !!! Btw really like those super reds longfins ty Angelfins
Testimonial By: Daniel Charest — Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Best store for aquarium enthusiasts in the region

Thursday 26 April, 2018

if you want 24hrs service, go to Walmart. if you want mass consumption products at overinflated prices, go to bigAls. But, if you are a beginner and want good honest advice, this is your place. if you are an intermediate hobbyist and have a problem that needs a quick consulting and a 100% sue solution, this is your place. If you are an advanced user and want stuff that no other corporate store has (because they dont cater to advanced users) thi is your place.
Sure they open only 2-4pm, but once you come and feel the Angelfins experiece, you will be coming back again and again. And if you cant come, the website is EXCELLENT and ther eCommerce backbone is much better than other crappy stores.
Come and see's worth it.
(Disclaimer: I dont work there or have any relation to the owners or get ANY privileges for writing fact, I have spent $700-$800 there at full pop...may be I ask for a discount next time...hehehehe)
Testimonial By: Victor Lopez — Kitchener, ON, Canada

Great store.

Saturday 31 March, 2018

I have been buying from them for the past 3 years and I’d not be in this hobby had it not been for Angelfins and their great collection.

Testimonial By: Muddassar jawed — scarborough, ON, Canada

Great Service

Tuesday 27 March, 2018

The orders come quickly and the staff provide great advice about their products. Great company!
Testimonial By: Elizabeth Boyd — Mississauga, ON, Canada

great place

Saturday 10 March, 2018

great service and beautiful fish, all arrived alive and healthy, will buy again, thanks
Testimonial By: Rhonda Bastarache — Moncton NB, NB, Canada

Good service wins every time.

Thursday 08 March, 2018

One of the products I needed ended up being out of stock, Jarmilla checked in to see if I'd rather a refund or hold on the order, and ended up being able to make a substitution that got everything sorted nicely.
Testimonial By: David Forrest — Kingston, ON, Canada

Amazing customer service

Monday 05 March, 2018

Fantastic customer service always quick to respond to emails. Amazing shipping rates. Fish are packed exceptionally. I will continue to be a customer.
Testimonial By: carrie lumax — St Catharines, ON, Canada

Outstanding Service and Products

Saturday 24 February, 2018

My daughter and I took a field trip went in today see some fish. We drove 1.5 hours each way to visit the store... we heard of their amazing reputation so this place was worth the drive.
The store owner was extremely kind, caring and highly knowledgeable on everything related to the world of aquarium life. She made my 4 year daughter feel at home while answering my questions. Customer service was top class, either you spend $1 or $1000 they treat you with the same level of respect.
We decided to buy 8 Stunning Lampchop Rasboras which are now comfortably living their new home, they look incredible!
All of the livestock sold at this store is just incredibly health and well priced! From their brilliant shrimp to their salt water and freshwater fish - just top notch!
We can’t wait to return - thank you so much Angelfins for your Dedication to customer service and top-quality products!
Testimonial By: Jinder Virdee — St.thomas, ON, Canada

Fast shipping! Will order again.

Tuesday 13 February, 2018

I ordered a co2 diffuse and one royals rotundfolia the sad part is that 50% of the plants were dead. But the shipping was fast. The package was left in the snow for 30 mins. Thanks Canada post. Everything else was good beside the plant.
Testimonial By: Adams Sun — Toronto, ON, Canada

Fantastic service

Saturday 10 February, 2018

They are great people and they stand by their products. Excellent service! I will not go anywhere else for my aquarium needs.
Testimonial By: Samantha Deitner — ON, Canada

Excellent service and selection

Saturday 03 February, 2018

Super fast turn around on orders and shipping. Pretty much next day delivery to the gta. A large variety of fish food available at prices better than or comparable to other online retailers. If something is out of stock an email will be sent to confirm if or when it will be back in stock. Great collection of pleco caves. Support Canadian family owned businesses :)
Testimonial By: Mike — Toronto, ON, Canada

Awesome fish place

Saturday 03 February, 2018

I absolutely love Angelfins! Great costumer service, healthy and amazing product, and very knowledgeable staff! I always recommend this place to friends and I will continue to shop here.
Testimonial By: Tanya Gartner — Guelph, ON, Canada

Fantastic company

Thursday 25 January, 2018

Angel fins has very helpful and knowledgable staff, and some really hard to find products at excellent pricing. few shops carry the variety of medications and foods available at Angelfins.
Testimonial By: Andrew Walker — Toronto, ON, Canada

Wish they were closer

Saturday 20 January, 2018

Best place to order plants and supplies. I haven't order any livestock ... Yet but I have never had any issues and Jarmila is so fantastic. I only wish that there was a location here in Ottawa so I could visit sometime. I always recommend this place to anyone who asks where to get their supplies.
Testimonial By: Sarah Howlett — Ottawa, ON, Canada

Fast delivery

Thursday 21 December, 2017

I ordered a KH and GH test kit along with a replacement python water change t pump.
Order was packed nicely and was at my door within 2 days!!
I'll be ordering again soon.
Thank you
Testimonial By: matthew renaud — Peterborough, ON, Canada

First Order of Live Fish

Tuesday 12 December, 2017

I am very happy with my order. It was shipped overnight and arrived by 10:30am. The fish arrived well packed and very healthy. I ordered Tetras, Super Reds and Cory Cats. Water temp was still 70F when I opened the box. The service was great and I will order fish in the future from Angel Fins.
Testimonial By: Mark Simpson — Hamilton, ON, Canada

Wonderful First Experience!! :)

Sunday 03 December, 2017

My mother placed an order for Xmas for me, in prep to switch to a freshwater planted aquarium from saltwater. Shipping was rather quick and would've only been 2 days had it not hit prime xmas shipping season. The box was well packed, with the Prime & ThriveS being individually wrapped to prevent leaking. It was also nice to see the box have a Heavy Load 50lb sticker on it.
It was a nice surprise to get an ADA book in the box!! Soooo many ideas! LOL.
I'm looking forward to placing a large plant order in a couple months when the weather switches back to warmer nights & I'm finally ready to set everything up.
Thanks Angelfins!!
Testimonial By: Sarah Baker — Belleville, ON, Canada

Best website

Saturday 11 November, 2017

Best shop in Canada. Excellent service and communication! I'm from Montreal and it's by far the best website in Canada about aquariums!
Testimonial By: alaa-edine bayech — Montréal, QC, Canada

Horrible 1st experience :(

Thursday 19 October, 2017

I am writing to warn about the EB rams. Last week I received two EB rams, both were underfed with deformities. Added to deformities Angelfins shipped me a ram with an obvious head 'injury'. Devastated, later,I highly suspect it's a lymphocystis outbreak. Here's a video the morning after I added them, so anyone considering purchase can decide for themselves The one with suspected lymph also has a deformed or missing gill plate. I've honestly never seen such inbred fish!

When I contacted Jarmila (sent the video), she admitted she doesn't have time to look at the fish netted for shipping. She asked me if I was a vet! How rude!
A vid the day I received them just to show what you might get! Stay away from the EB rams!

Response from Angelfins: Thank you very much for your feedback. We inspect our fish several times a day and look for possible issues. We net them only an hour before Canada Post or couriers comes to pick them up, to minimize the amount of time the fish has to spend in the bag. As this has to be done relatively quickly due to the deadline, we do not spend more than a few seconds on netting each fish. In your case, we were mainly looking at fins to be able to sex them. It is possible that the fish got injured between our last inspection and netting and when we netted her, she faced the other way and we did not notice it. When you contacted us you were not sure if it was an injury or a growth. It is is hard to see it from your pictures and videos. We refunded you the money for not only the affected fish but for the entire order. The only reason why we were questioning whether you were a vet, was because you claimed later to be 96% sure that the fish has a lymphocystis. This disease is difficult to diagnose by simply observing the affected fish. We took your concerned seriously and we contacted 3 experts and stopped selling the EB rams until we heard back from them (one week). All three of them agreed that is unlikely that the fish carries lymphocystis - to be 100% sure an expensive test would have to be performed and they did not see a reason for that. The remaining EB rams have been in our store for more than 3 weeks now and they do not show any signs of disease. They spawn regularly and have a healthy appetite.
Testimonial By: Kat Thoms — Gatineau, QC, Canada

Beautiful Rams

Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Received my order and I have to say they are the most amazing rams I have seen in a while! I am in love!
Testimonial By: Jasmin Tanash — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Thank you!

Saturday 14 October, 2017

Excellent customer service, very fast shipping, convenient payment options and unbeatable prices! Wide selection of all sorts of items made it easy for me to fix up all my Eheims without having to order from a dozen different stores. I'm very happy with shopping experience at and will definitely buy from this store again. Cheers!
Testimonial By: Alex K — Calgary, AB, Canada

great company

Friday 13 October, 2017

great products and fast service
Testimonial By: Dario Gheller — London, ON, Canada

Superb Customer Service

Wednesday 11 October, 2017

Possibly the best experiences I've had ordering online along with the best prices and product selection is AngelFins hands down. Thanks again for my recent order received :)

...Ralph Ciardullo
Testimonial By: Ralph Ciardullo — Toronto, ON, Canada

Excellent quality & fast shipping

Wednesday 19 July, 2017

My first time ordering online and Angelfins had super fast packing and shipping. Ordered during the evening, they processed and sent my order the next day, and I received them the day after. I paid for the Express shipping. Excellent store.
Testimonial By: Patricia Revita — Pickering, ON, Canada

Excellent Store!

Wednesday 12 July, 2017

My top of list when it comes aqua plants. Very friendly customer service! Cheaper with wide variety selection of tissue-cultured plants.
Testimonial By: Carlos Fanunal — Toronto, ON, Canada

Superb Customer Service

Thursday 06 July, 2017

Just got another shipment...Quality products at great prices and find my products are always stocked ready for when I need them. Packaging is superb to ensure my items get to me safe and sound. Keep up the great work AngelFins :)
Ralph - Toronto, On
Testimonial By: Ralph Ciardullo — Toronto, ON, Canada


Saturday 17 June, 2017

Great prices but what surprised me the most was the shipping time. Not only was it free but it came in two days! Amazon prime who? Everything was well packaged and there was a huge "fragile" sign on the box. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to buying more from you guys thanks so much! Love love my new aquarium
Testimonial By: Castillo — Montreal, QC, Canada

Beyond Amazing!

Sunday 14 May, 2017

To anyone who visits angel fins in person or their website:

I have purchased several plant tissue cultures along with other very hard to find items from angel fins and I just wanted to say, I cannot be more thrilled to have them. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING I have received has come on time if not before the expected date of delivery and it has all worked flawlessly with my setup. The plants I have bought have always been in absolutely great condition with no signs of melting. Even if you buy from them in winter in below freezing temperatures, you can rest assured your package will arrive very quickly.

I am super pleased with your customer service even though I've had limited interactions, nonetheless, it has all been simply amazing.Angel fins are possibly the only store in Canada that carries the premium stuff when it comes to aquarium designs and I hope their business continues to grow.

Thanks again and I look forward to buying even more stuff from you guys in the future.
Testimonial By: Ahsan Khan — Markham, ON, Canada

My New Favorite Store

Friday 24 February, 2017

Most of the things I need for the hobby is here. Cheaper prices, fast and affordable shipping and very helpful customer service. What more could you ask for?
Testimonial By: Nazzer Tiangco — MONTREAL, QC, Canada

Great service

Wednesday 08 February, 2017

I ordered fish bags and they were shipped within about 2 hours and arrived 2 business days later , right on time. No complaints here!
Testimonial By: Nicole Downie — New Lowell, ON, Canada

Awesome Again

Sunday 08 January, 2017

Just wanted to thank you guys for helping Em with the proper supplies to transport her fish..All of them made it , no issues..Some of the fish even said they loved the train ride!..Best fish store ever!
Testimonial By: Steve Krug — Brantford, ON, Canada

ADA 60p tank & aquasky light

Sunday 18 December, 2016

The parcel arrived very well packaged, and it was shipped only one day after paying for the products. Very professional and quick with replies to questions. Excellent service and products. Definitely will be using again. Highly recommended.
Testimonial By: Greg Godek — St. John's, NL, Canada

My favourite lfs

Tuesday 29 November, 2016

You will be hard pressed to find two harder working people than Jarmila and Brian. Raising two children under five and running a business keeps this couple quite busy but somehow they find the time to pound out orders online and have store hours for the locals.i have spent the last couple months getting back into the hobby and I am extremely pleased with both the quality and pricing on both livestock and hardware.If your looking for a store with a unique flavour give Angelfins a try.You won't be disappointed.Ken
Testimonial By: Ken Rooke — Ayr, ON, Canada


Tuesday 13 September, 2016

I'm happy with my plants they are very healthy when they arrive. I'm sure I will order here again in angelfins in the future.
Testimonial By: andy espinosa — CALGARY, AB, Canada

The excellent service continues to impress me

Thursday 08 September, 2016

I've now shopped at AngelFins for almost a year. What brought me to them was the fact that they stock ADA tanks and accessories but what keeps me coming back is the fantastic customer service and care I've received from Jarmila. I'm now an ADA nut and have a Mini-M, 60-F, and 90-P (which *almost* became a 120-P!)

I just recently ordered an AquaSky 361 and a pot of Monte Carlo, both of which arrived well packed and in perfect condition (the plant looks very healthy). My order was processed, shipped, and received in about a day and a half which always impresses me. :)

AngelFins truly feels like a company that cares about its customers.
Testimonial By: Joel Dudgeon — Brooklin, ON, Canada

Excellent Experience

Friday 02 September, 2016

Excellent people to deal with. never had any problem with them. The hobby needs more such professional folks running the show.
Testimonial By: Muddassar jawed — scarborough, ON, Canada

great and fast delivery

Friday 27 May, 2016

i am happy someone recommended me , great prices, fast shipping and a happy aquarium. thank you
Testimonial By: Ana Correa — Verdun, QC, Canada

Always Great Service

Wednesday 11 May, 2016

I've ordered a few times from AngelFins now and the service has always been great. No fuss on a discrepancy I had in an order one time and delivery is quick.
Testimonial By: Brian Tam — Orleans, ON, Canada

Just WOW

Friday 29 April, 2016

I wished I knew about this place sooner. I bought two Do!Aqua aquariums on April 20th. At first I was told that there was only one left in stock and was offered an alternative, but shortly after another email came in letting me know that there was a display model found, and if I wanted that one I could have it at a discounted rate (talk about diligence and honesty). I received my order on April 29th (all the way across Canada to B.C., at unheard of shipping prices). Not only did the package arrive at lightning speed, but the aquariums were packed beautifully with loving care, to arrive without the slightest scratch. Thank you AngelFins, you are on my radar now. The best service (all around) that I have received in a very long time. Highly recommended!
Testimonial By: Tracy Ivanitz — Kelowna, BC, Canada

Amazing Site & Service!

Wednesday 27 April, 2016

Angelfins, go above & beyond to help you. Great service! helpful, friendly, informative, fast shipping, great prices, great variety. I will getting ALL my aquarium supplies from here from now on. Everything was delivered on time & safely packed. I was so happy & please. I can't thank you enough!
Testimonial By: Laura Gordon — Guelph, ON, Canada

Best service & aquarium products in Ontario and possibly Canada

Saturday 26 March, 2016

Jarmila and Brian are not only great people, but they provide excellent customer service and top quality aquarium products. Their prices are the best I have ever seen, their livestock and plants are always healthy and if I'm ever not 100% satisfied they are quick to apply stellar service recovery and to suggest an alternative. Easily the top aquarium shop I have been to of the very many I have visited across Ontario. I should have written a review for you when I started buying from you 3 years ago - you have maintained the same standards of excellence throughout. Thanks a million Angelfins!
Testimonial By: Andrew Payne — Guelph, ON, Canada

Fantastic purchase experience

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

I recently ordered an ADA 60-F aquarium, Amazonia soil, and some additional items and couldn't be happier with the service I received. I placed my order at 2:30pm and received a shipping notification an *HOUR* later! While AngelFins might not be able to get an order out the door that quickly every single time, it still made a very good first impression and I was quite impressed. The items I ordered arrived well packaged and the aquarium looks perfect (no scratches, etc.) I'm very happy with the customer service from AngelFins and will most definitely be ordering from them again. I also appreciate that they are an ADA dealer.
Testimonial By: Joel Dudgeon — Brooklin, ON, Canada


Sunday 07 February, 2016

Excellent professionals. Ordered thrice from them. Never had any issue with these folks.

Only advise will be that if they can add approx ETA in their website for out of stock products. This will give us customers a tentative timeline for those products to be back in stock.

Testimonial By: Muddassar jawed — scarborough, ON, Canada

Multiple Fantastic Experiences!

Sunday 07 February, 2016

Fragile equipment packaged with almost excessive care; a poorly placed order cancelled in very short order so that I could correct my mistake; incredibly helpful communication with immediate responses; astounding customer service, overall! Very fair shipping prices at checkout, which is refreshing! Will most certainly order from in the future, and highly recommend it to others in the aquarium community!
Testimonial By: Shelby A. — Windsor, ON, Canada

extremely satisfied

Thursday 28 January, 2016

Placed my order Jan 27, order was at my door Jan 28. standard shipping. love it.
products all arrived as i ordered.
definitely will be ordering again
Testimonial By: jason cormier — hamilton, ON, Canada

Awesome as ever

Tuesday 12 January, 2016

From pricing to quality they are really good.
Would definitely order again and recommend.
Testimonial By: Sathish Kumar Soundarajan — Toronto, ON, Canada

Great service

Saturday 09 January, 2016

Thank you for the great service.
Sort of new to planted tanks and you helped me out so much . And the order got to me in North Bay the next day.
This was my first order and I,m sure it will not be my last.
Thanks for helping me .
Testimonial By: Tom Willoughby — North Bay, ON, Canada

Great Service & Products!

Tuesday 22 December, 2015

I can't say how happy I am to have found this site. It's such a nice alternative to have a Canadian Supplier. Prices are fantastic compared to the big chains in my city. Not to mention phenomenal customer service. They quickly responded to all of my questions. Quick shipping is definitely a bonus as well! Couldn't be happier with the products and livestock ordered.
Testimonial By: Katy — London, ON, Canada

Service A+++++++

Monday 14 December, 2015

Brought Seachem Metronidazole 100ml and 200g FDBW and as usual very easy to navigate site and delivery on time with superb packaging. Glad to have AngelFins on our side of the border.
Happy Holidays
Testimonial By: Ralph Ciardullo — Toronto, ON, Canada


Tuesday 08 December, 2015

Disappointed with the plants bought. Will never buy plants again. Shipping is slow (6 days) with "expedited shipping" and plants were packaged in heat bags. Some plant portions are small portion (1 stem for jungle val) and not worth the money and contrary to the picture displayed on the site. Plants looked wilted and had black roots. Satisfied with the Seachem plant supplements and their prices and will likely buy again.

Only 1 stem, so very poor value for money. Received unhealthy plant - wilted and black roots. Started wilting/melting within 5 days of planting if though came packaged in heat pads.

Response from AngelFins: We highly recommend to use overnight shipping for shipping live plants, especially during colder months (see Shipping Info). When you submitted your order, you selected the order to be shipped as Expedited Parcel with average delivery time of 7 business days instead of the recommended Priority service. We packed the plants in a thermo foil, we also added a heat pack and requested a signature at delivery (so that the package would not be left outside) to increase the chance that the plants would arrive in good condition. All the extra was cover by our company. It is unfortunate that the plants did not arrive in good condition that is why we strongly recommend to our customers to use overnight shipping for shipping plants.
Regarding the portion size. The description for the Valisneria clearly states that you are buying just one stem, that is why the price is lower than of other loose plants.
Testimonial By: Arun Govind — Lacombe, AB, Canada

Excellent customer service

Tuesday 17 November, 2015

I had ordered some levamisole after being told about Angelfins from a member of Alberta Aquatica. When I placed the order I had realized I had forgot some things I needed. I called and they combined the order and refunded me the shipping! They are so friendly and helpful. I absolutely will be ordering again, and will tell everyone I can about what excellent service they provide! Top notch.
Testimonial By: Tammy R. — Camrose, AB, Canada

Above Excellence

Monday 09 November, 2015

I cannot say enough how wonderful and easy it is to deal with Angelfins. Above bar quality and amazing service rolled into one simple accommodating customer service orientated store. Eagerly awaiting my next order in the mail. Thanks again.
Testimonial By: Jennifer B. — Devon, AB, Canada


Sunday 08 November, 2015

Exemplary company! I am very impressed, in particular, with their excellent customer service, honesty, communications and assurance that I, the customer, is taken care of. All fish and plants arrived alive and very healthy. I was so impressed with the first shipment, that I immediately ordered again and cannot wait until my next shopping experience with Please keep up the superior attitude, product and service! I recommend them hands down. I'm in Calgary and this was the first time I ever ordered live product. Bravo and thank you!
Testimonial By: T.R. Held — Calgary, AB, Canada

Amazing Service/Product/Prices

Thursday 29 October, 2015

I love everything about this store. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all your fish needs, as well as the product is top quality and amazingly priced. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my fishy needs after coming here. Love it. 5 stars!
Testimonial By: Tanya G. — Guelph

favourite place

Friday 25 September, 2015

I absolutely love this store! I usually shop instore and they have great selection! Their plants are beautiful, livestock is beautiful, good quality stuff, extremely good prices! can't say enough good things.
Testimonial By: Sam G.

Will def order again!!

Friday 18 September, 2015

excellent prices
great selection
fast shipping
Testimonial By: Rob W

Order complete

Friday 14 August, 2015

I ordered from Angelfins for the first time last week. My order arrived safe and sound, correct and complete. I'm in BC and I received it in a few business days which means Angelfins had my order packed and shipped immediately after I placed the order. Thank you! I'll be back.
Testimonial By: Aquafeet


Sunday 14 June, 2015

I was recommended this website by a forum friend as I have a problem with callamanus worms and needed levamisole. I put in an order on 10th Jun 2015 night at 9 pm with priority shipping that showed delivery on 12th Jun.

After I had sent the order I realised that I forgot to add some fish food to the order. I sent a mail and also spoke to Jarmila on 11th morning. She advised me to put in a second order and that they would merge the 2 orders and not charge me extra shipping. I put in the second order but was apprehensive if it would actually happen as this was my first order with AngelFins.

To my surprise the package arrived on morning of 12th Jun neatly packed with both orders merged in it.

Excellent customer service from Jarmila and prompt and fast shipping.

All my future shipping orders are going to AngelFins as they exceed expectations.

Rajesh Mitra
Richmond, BC
Testimonial By: Rajesh M.

Super service

Thursday 29 January, 2015

I was very pleased with my order and how well it was packed. I had a live plant which was thoroughly wrapped for a safe arrival across Canada. I will shop here again.
Testimonial By: Sheryl C.

Fast shipping and in perfect condition!

Friday 02 January, 2015

I was really happy and surprised that my order was shipped so fast. The merchandise was in perfect condition, including a beautiful ADA design tank. Thank you! I will order from you again. Melissa fon Montréal (Québec).
Testimonial By: Melissa from Quebec

Fantastic customer experience each time

Tuesday 30 December, 2014

10/10. Need I say more!

A big 'thank you' to Jarmila for getting back to me promptly on all product related queries. All the best for a super 2015.

Testimonial By: Gehan M.


Sunday 14 December, 2014

Ive made several purchases from the good folks at Angelfins...nothing but top notch quality products and great service and I highly recommend u check out the online store or go see them.
Testimonial By: Skins n Fins

Excellent Experience

Wednesday 10 December, 2014

Excellent products, excellent prices, and excellent service!

A+++ experience, will definitely be purchasing from again in the future.
Testimonial By: Steven M.

Great Service!

Thursday 16 October, 2014

My first time purchasing from this site and it was an amazing experience. They even changed my shipping to a cheaper/faster option! What a great company! I live within Ontario, It arrived at my door in 2 business days. Will purchase from this site again and again!
Testimonial By: Christina R.


Friday 10 October, 2014

Incredibly happy, found products that I couldn't find anywhere else. Ordered it on Wednesday night and got the package by Friday at noon. Will definitely order from here again
Testimonial By: Hannah

Best online shopping ever

Saturday 04 October, 2014

I have ordered from several places online and this company is by far the best..
the absolute best in customer service I have ever had the pleasure to do business with.
Also packaging is always great. Nothing I 've recieved has ever been broken or opened, always in excellent condition.
The prices are the best I've found for the quality of product purchased.
This one time I had inquired about a plant from tropica that wasn't even on the mailing list, and after Angelfins had inquired about it from tropica, I 've found out that tropica has begun test to have plant approved for import into canada.. Now if that isn't the best customer service, I dont know what is..
Testimonial By: laszlo T.

Amazing service!

Tuesday 08 July, 2014

When the item I received was not what I had ordered, I contacted AngelFins. They responded quickly and said they would send the correct item right away, and said that since they were covering shipping, I could add other things to my order to include! I've never had such great service!!
Testimonial By: Tyler A.

Awesome service

Saturday 10 May, 2014

The level of customer service I recived was fantastic! Quick email correspondence, every time you email not just the first time like other "companies"
Sadly I bought a plant that died during shipping to Sault Ste.Marie and they refunded me the plant price! WOW! Canada post is slow, but no fault of Angelfins. This was my very first time ordering anything "alive" online. So if your worried... Don't be! If you order from Angelfins your in good hands!
Testimonial By: Lisa R.

Thank you!!

Friday 14 March, 2014

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your wonderful site and service. My aquarium and lighting arrived today in perfect condition a mere 2 days after I ordered them. I am so happy that Angelfins provides such high quality aquarium products; such items that are impossible to find in local Toronto stores. Thanks again!
Testimonial By: Alex M

great service

Friday 14 March, 2014

Thank you for the advice and for shipping the API general Cure as a letter; it saved me from full shipping charges. Much appreciated!
Testimonial By: fish2013

Speedy & helpfull service!!!

Tuesday 11 March, 2014

If you've never ordered from an online store and are nervouse about it. I must say this was my first online shopping experience and I was increadebly nervouse at first. How ever the people in charge of this website are very quick to answer any questions you have even your not realizing your asking for the wrong thing as I did. As well as being imformative, I recived my product reasonably quick and inexspensivly. I'm looking forward to dealing more with them in the future
Testimonial By: DW

Keep on rockin!

Sunday 19 January, 2014

Very happy with your past service! Keep on rockin!
Testimonial By: Andrew S.

WHAT an online store!

Friday 17 January, 2014

First, all the items I found on AngelFins were cheaper or equivalent to other American websites. It is so easy to browse and search on the website.
Also, shipping charges are extremely competitive, only cost me 23$ to ship a tank and substrate! Wow!
Finally, I received my item REALLY quick, and really well packed.

I am telling you, AngelFins is now my one-stop shop for aquarium stuff.

Thanks AF!
Testimonial By: Jonathan J.


Thursday 19 December, 2013

Good prices, and a one day delivery can't be beat!
Thank you
Testimonial By: Sean M.

Great Company!!

Tuesday 19 November, 2013

This company is great, i have a hard time finding decent/quality aquarium equipment where i live. angel fins is my one stop shop. shipping is very fast and everything has been well packaged. the best part is i never have to pay the mail person at the door/ returning customer. thanks angelfins! my ADA kit should be here today!
Testimonial By: Ryan M.

Wish list

Wednesday 16 October, 2013


Hope all is well and congratulations on your new baby.

With Christmas coming around the corner I was thinking of gifts I would like and realized many of them come from your store. I have a suggestion for you which is to make a "Wishlist" where users can fill their shopping cart with the items they would like and then send that wishlist of items to a specified e-mail so that person can pay them.

Example. I create a wishlist and e-mail it to my dad so he can purchase the products for christmas.

Just a suggestion, hopefully it may help.

Have a great day,

Testimonial By: Kirk G.

Perfect Service

Thursday 19 September, 2013

I have never had such an excellent online shopping experience as my last AngelFins purchase. I ordered a canister filter, and the correct one was delivered within 24 hours. And it was the best price I could find anywhere. Wonderful, thank you.
Testimonial By: Michael M.

Excellent People!!

Monday 19 August, 2013

I've purchased both live Angels & various types of fish food from the good people at AngelFins.
NOTHING but top shelf customer service, quality items and helpful advise.
HIGHLY Recommended!
Testimonial By: Kelly D.

Awesome Customer Support!!

Thursday 07 February, 2013

I love it that they do GTA runs!!

Picked up a Do!AQUA cube glass mini m aquarium, ADA Aqua soil and some misc. stuff.

Quality products and great customer support. Super to deal with!

Looking forward to future purchases.

Mike from Ajax
Testimonial By: mike

Do!Aqua Go!Aqua

Monday 28 January, 2013

Purchased Do!AQUA cube aquarium. I new the caulking work would be great from reviews but this is unbelievable. Cant see any smears, caulking is only on the joint itself. Highly impressed.
Thanks sooo much Angel Fins for your fantastic product.
Testimonial By: Jackie T.

Beautiful Koi Angels

Monday 28 January, 2013

We went to Angel Fins on the weekend and picked up some of the nicest Koi Angels I have seen, great colour very healthy. Great people to deal with +1 for Angel Fins also free samples of the North Fin food. The fish love it. Thanks Keith&Pam
Testimonial By: Keith & Pam

Wonderful plants

Friday 07 December, 2012

I just received the plants. Wonderful!!!

Great service, well packed and so wonderful plants!

I will not hesitate do business again with you.
Testimonial By: Gervais

Satisfied customer

Saturday 17 November, 2012

Great prices, great products from great people.

I will continue to do business with angelfins.
Testimonial By: Jackson

Very impressed

Tuesday 07 August, 2012

Wow,, 1st time I have purchased from them and i'm very impressed to say the least.... Prices are very reasonable, Everything is packaged very very well and they drive to the east end (such as whitby/oshawa/peterborough.... .. that alone was amazing.... Everything is packaged very professional and even delivered to the location in Bags designed for their company......

There is even a professional invoice made up for your pre-order.. BEST part.. not a lot of waiting when you pre-order.. just meet, quick chat and on your merry way...
Testimonial By: Sheldon


Wednesday 07 December, 2011

Angelfins! I will never buy fish food from a store again. The product is excellent and the service is even better!Very personable and helpful.
Testimonial By: brad

GBR / Angels

Thursday 30 June, 2011

Great quality fish, GBR's are already spawning for me and the koi and black ghost angels look fantastic! Great breeder to deal with.
Testimonial By: ryno1974


Tuesday 24 May, 2011

Thanks for my latest aquisitions. The pair i picked are doing great. Look forward to dealing with you both again. Thanks
Testimonial By: Billy


Tuesday 14 December, 2010

Great quality fish and very friendly person.
+1 Recommended
Testimonial By: Fish_Man

Five beautiful angels

Tuesday 07 December, 2010

I received five beautiful angels from you guys a few weeks ago... They are all growing fast and are beautiful fish...The Orange koi are perfect with most of their bodies being orange....I plan on buying more from this buyer and would recommend them to anyone looking for angelfish....
Testimonial By: Lori

A++ Angels

Tuesday 28 September, 2010

The koi angel fry are awesome. I've had them 4 weeks and they are fabulous...taking to shows later next month.
Well done!
Testimonial By: h2osanity

GBR's are awesome

Wednesday 12 May, 2010

We purchased a pair of the gold x EB GBR's and they spawned within the week. Awesome little fish, we can see more in our future.
Great Job angelfins!
Testimonial By: h2osanity


Friday 30 April, 2010

Just picked up 2 pairs today, absolutely gorgeous GBRs!! and its amazing how healthy they are acting and looking already. I recommend anyone looking for GBRs to go with this breeder.
Testimonial By: mojo

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Very pleased to do business w/ Angelfins

So far this year , I've placed 3 orders threw Angelfins , not once have I been disappointed with any my purchases. really surprised with shipping, I .

Fantastic customer experience each time

10/10. Need I say more! A big 'thank you' to Jarmila for getting back to me promptly on all product related queries. All the best for a super 2015. .

Great service

I ordered fish bags and they were shipped within about 2 hours and arrived 2 business days later , right on time. No complaints here!


The six GBRs came well protected with heat packs and were quite active even in the bag. They were a little pale but their colours quickly brightened a .

Great customer service and quality hillstream loaches

This being my first online order I had a few questions. My emails were answered very quickly. Once the hillstream loaches shipped they were at my door .

We are sorry, we ran out!

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