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Wood Tight (10m)

Wood Tight is a vinyl covered wire used to temporarily fix ferns and Anubias until the plant spreads ...

Moss Cotton (200m)

Moss Cotton is a special thread to tie and fix moss, such as Fantinails sp on driftwood. In a quiet ...

Riccia Line

Riccia line is a special thread for tying and fixing Riccia on stones or driftwood in the aquarium. ...

Riccia Stones (10 pieces)

This very thin and flat stones make attaching Riccia a piece of cake. Although Riccia is in nature a ...



New Products For February - Aqua Design Amano

Tropical Vitality and Color Flakes 200g

This high protein flake food provide vitality and has colour-enhancing properties. It can be used fo ....

Tropical Green Algae Wafers 45g

Sinking wafers with spirulina intended for everyday feeding of Loricariidae fish with a high dietary ....

Tropical Tropical Flakes 2kg

This high protein flake food is intended for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous fish. Re ....

Tropical Spirulina Granulat 110g

Spirulina Granulat is a vegetable sinking pellet with 6% of spirulina. This food is intended for eve ....

Tropical Krill Flake 100g

KRILL FLAKE is a complete flake food for carnivorous and omnivorous aquarium fish with high nutritio ....

Tropical Malawi Flake 200g

Tropical Malawi flakes are multi-ingredient flakes with a high content of plant material (spinach, n ....


Monthly Specials For February

Marineland Penguin 150B Filter

All Penguin® BIO-Wheel® Power F...

Marineland Penguin 350B Filter

All Penguin® BIO-Wheel® Power F...


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