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Cholla Wood

The soft fibers of the cholla wood makes it perfect food for plecos, shrimps, hermit crabs and other ...

Spider Wood (M) - A
Sold Out


Spider Wood (XL) - B
Sold Out

Dimensions: H45cm x W20cm x H25cm..

Spider Wood (XXL) - A
Sold Out

Dimensions: L55cm x W40cm x H20cm..

Spider Wood (XXL) - B
Sold Out

Dimensions: L45cm x W35cm x H20cm..

Branch Wood (XL) - E
Sold Out

This natural wood roots will enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium. Dimensions: L42cm x W25cm x ...

Branch Wood (XL) - F
Sold Out

This natural wood roots will enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium. Dimensions: L65cm x W40cm x ...



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Omega One Frog and Tadpole Pellets 1.2 oz.

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Fantastic customer experience each time

10/10. Need I say more! A big 'thank you' to Jarmila for getting back to me promptly on all product related queries. All the best for a super 2015. .

Fantastic purchase experience

I recently ordered an ADA 60-F aquarium, Amazonia soil, and some additional items and couldn't be happier with the service I received. I placed my ord .

Great Service!

My first time purchasing from this site and it was an amazing experience. They even changed my shipping to a cheaper/faster option! What a great compa .

A++ Angels

The koi angel fry are awesome. I've had them 4 weeks and they are fabulous...taking to shows later next month. Well done!

Keep on rockin!

Very happy with your past service! Keep on rockin!

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