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Water Treatments

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Chemi Pure 5oz.

Chemipure quickly filters excess waste nutrients that bacteria feed on, stopping bacteria build up a ...

Anti Tox 500ml
Sold Out

Anti Tox  is a liquid filter media that contains high quality zeolites, which are ideal fo ...

Chemi Pure Elite 11.74 oz.

Chemi-Pure Elite adds ferric oxide to the original Chemi-Pure formula to also remove phosphates and ...

ChemiPure Blue 11oz.

Chemi-pure Blue is a blend of premium, low-dust pelleted carbon and high capacity ion-exchange resin ...

Fritz Pro RPM Reef Salt 55lb

Fritz ProAquatics Reef Pro Mix (RPM) is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials. F ...

Seachem PhosBond 250ml

Seachem PhosBond is a revolutionary new product that combines the phosphate removing capabilities of ...

Seachem Reef Buffer 1kg
Sold Out

Seachem Reef Buffer will also raise carbonate alkalinity; however, it is intended primarily for use ...

Seachem Pristine 500ml

Seachem Pristine uses bio-augmentation, a non-chemical and natural method, to improve water quality. ...

Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt 60 gallons

Vibrant Sea™ is a highly concentrated blend of salts formulated for marine and reef aquariums ...

Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt 220 gallons

Vibrant Sea™ is a highly concentrated blend of salts formulated for marine and reef aquariums ...



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Just wanted to say how pleased we have been over the years with your excellent service. Also wanted to say what a pleasure it is to deal with Jamila. .

A second great experience.

Turns out my email was accepting order confirmations, but sending the notifications of my orders being ready to my junk mail. My order which contai .

Amazing Service/Product/Prices

I love everything about this store. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all your fish needs, as well as the product is top quality and .

So patient and helpful.

I had the greatest experience. Jarmilla was SO patient and wonderful considering all the questions and emails I sent. She ordered something in for me .


I hate to have to write a negative review, but I have spent months watching these Cory cats and I can tell you for certain that they are not the same .

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