Aquascaping Tools

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Black Stainless Steel Scissors Curved

Affordable stainless steel scissors in black colour for trimming aquatic plants. Length: 25cm (10 in ...

Black Stainless Stee Scissors Waved

Affordable stainless steel S shaped sissors for trimming carpeting plants such as hair grass. Length ...

VIV Spring Scissors (Curve)
Sold Out

These scissors are designed to trim plants and mosses in difficult to reach spots. Length: 15cm (5.9 ...

VIV Scissors Short (Curve)
Sold Out

This pair of short scissors is designed for cutting plants before planting and for pruning of plants ...

VIV Scissors Short (Straight)

This pair of short scissors is designed for cutting plants before planting and for pruning of plants ...

VIV Wave Scissors
Sold Out

These scissors are ideal for trimming foreground plants. Length: 200mm..

UP Aqua Scissors Short

These scissors are made of  high grade stainless steel and had an extra sharp point for precise ...

Up Aqua Scissors Long Angle

These stainless steel plant sicssors have an angled tip that makes trimming of tiny aquatic plants i ...

Up Aqua Scissors Long Straight

Stainless steel scissors for trimming aquatic plants. Length: 250mm..

Black Stainless Steel Tweezers Curved

Stainless steel pinsettes with angled tip. Length: 24cm..

VIV Pinsettes Straight

These stainless steel pinsettes have a wide tip, which makes them perfect for planting Cryptocoryne ...

VIV Pinsettes Curve
Sold Out

Pinsettes with a curved tip optimal for planting plants behind stones and driftwood. Length: 300mm..

UP Aqua Tweezers Straight

Tweezers made of high grade stainless steel with pointed end. Length : 26cm..

UP Aqua Tweezers Curved

Tweezers made of high grade stainless steel with curved pointed end. Length : 26cm..

Tropica Pinsettes

These high quality stainless steel tweezers makes planting of both tiny carpeting and tall plants...

Up Aqua Sand Scraper

This stainless steel sand scraper is designed to be used for flattening substrate during aquarium se ...



New Products For October - Aquascaping Tools

Black Moscow Guppy - Male

Only 3 males available at this point...

Red Devil Angelfish

European strain of orange koi angelfish with a redish pigmentation....


Monthly Specials For October

Grow Formula - 120 grams

A high protein diet (50%), rich in Omeg...

Mega Fish Formula - 1600 grams

A complete, balanced daily diet in a ch...

Thera A Medium Fish - 300 grams

Thera A Small fish is  a 2mm pelle...

Float Surface Feeder Formula- 125g

A balanced daily diet for all cichlids....

Genchem Aminovita-P 50 grams

The product expires in November 2017! A...


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Do!Aqua Go!Aqua

Purchased Do!AQUA cube aquarium. I new the caulking work would be great from reviews but this is unbelievable. Cant see any smears, caulking is only o .

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