Aquascaping Tools

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Black Stainless Steel Scissors Curved

Affordable stainless steel scissors in black colour for trimming aquatic plants. Length: 25cm (10 in ...

Black Stainless Stee Scissors Waved

Affordable stainless steel S shaped sissors for trimming carpeting plants such as hair grass. Length ...

VIV Spring Scissors (Curve)
Sold Out

These scissors are designed to trim plants and mosses in difficult to reach spots. Length: 15cm (5.9 ...

VIV Scissors Short (Curve)
Sold Out

This pair of short scissors is designed for cutting plants before planting and for pruning of plants ...

VIV Scissors Short (Straight)

This pair of short scissors is designed for cutting plants before planting and for pruning of plants ...

VIV Wave Scissors
Sold Out

These scissors are ideal for trimming foreground plants. Length: 200mm..

UP Aqua Scissors Short

These scissors are made of  high grade stainless steel and had an extra sharp point for precise ...

Up Aqua Scissors Long Angle
Sold Out

These stainless steel plant sicssors have an angled tip that makes trimming of tiny aquatic plants i ...

Up Aqua Scissors Long Straight

Stainless steel scissors for trimming aquatic plants. Length: 250mm..

Black Stainless Steel Tweezers Curved
Sold Out

Stainless steel pinsettes with angled tip. Length: 24cm..

Black Stainless Steel Tweezers Straight

Stainless steel pinsettes with a pointed tip. Length: 24cm..

VIV Pinsettes Straight

These stainless steel pinsettes have a wide tip, which makes them perfect for planting Cryptocoryne ...

VIV Pinsettes Curve
Sold Out

Pinsettes with a curved tip optimal for planting plants behind stones and driftwood. Length: 300mm..

UP Aqua Tweezers Straight
Sold Out

Tweezers made of high grade stainless steel with pointed end. Length : 26cm..

UP Aqua Tweezers Curved
Sold Out

Tweezers made of high grade stainless steel with curved pointed end. Length : 26cm..

Tropica Pinsettes
Sold Out

These high quality stainless steel tweezers makes planting of both tiny carpeting and tall plants...

Up Aqua Sand Scraper
Sold Out

This stainless steel sand scraper is designed to be used for flattening substrate during aquarium se ...



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Tropical Spirulina Granulat 110g

Spirulina Granulat is a vegetable sinking pellet with 6% of spirulina. This food is intended for eve ....

Tropical Krill Flake 100g

KRILL FLAKE is a complete flake food for carnivorous and omnivorous aquarium fish with high nutritio ....

Tropical Malawi Flake 200g

Tropical Malawi flakes are multi-ingredient flakes with a high content of plant material (spinach, n ....

Tropical Malawi Chips 130g

Tropical Malawi Chips are multi-ingredient food for Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group and other her ....

Tropical Tanganyika Chips 130g

Tropical Tanganyika is a multi-ingredient, basic food for every day feeding of omnivorous and carniv ....


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