Internal Filters

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Dennerle Corner Filter

This efficient, auiet and compact internal filter is designed for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It has ...

Dennerle Filter Replacement Elements 3 Pack

Replacement 3 layer fleece insert for the Dennerle Corner Filter.  The box includes three of th ...

Dennerle Nano Baby Protect

Additional protection screen for Dennerle Corner Filter to prevent baby shrimps to be sucked inside ...

Dennerle Corner Filter Extension

Attachable extension for the Dennerle Corner Filter. It is especially recommended to be used in tank ...

Eheim Internal miniFlat Filter

Micro internal filter for terrariums and paludariums with shallow water area or water bowls (e.g. fo ...

Eheim Mini Internal Filter
Sold Out

Mini-Internal filter for aquariums 25 to 30 litres. It’s small, gives excellent performance an ...

Jumbo Round Box Filter
Sold Out

These box filters can be filled with any media of your choice. Dimensions: 5 inches tall 4 inches in ...

Underwater Ceramic Filter
Sold Out

The filter has a porous ceramic outer body (great for trapping dirt and growing beneficial bacteria) ...

Lee's Undergravel Filter 15-20 Gallon (24" x 12")
Sold Out

A trouble-free biological filter designed with adjustable 1" diameter uplift tubes for better w ...

Lee's Undergravel Filter 20 Gallon (30" x 12")
Sold Out

A trouble-free biological filter designed with adjustable 1" diameter uplift tubes for better w ...



New Products For November - Filters

Bird Nest Wood Medium - B

Dimensions: L 20cm  W 16cm x H 50cm...

Bird Nest Wood Medium - D

Dimensions: L 26cm  W 16cm x H 50cm...

Bird Nest Wood Medium - E

Dimensions: L 30cm  W 10cm x H 4cm...

Bird Nest Wood Small - A

Dimensions: L 28cm  W 12cm x H 18cm...


Monthly Specials For November

Aquatic Life Marquis 24" T5HO Light with a Timer

The Aquatic Life Marquis Dual-Lamp T5 H...

Dog Puller Mini

The Puller is a light weight toy that w...


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