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Internal Filters

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Ziss ZBS-150 Moving Bed Filter


Ziss ZBS-200 Moving Bed Filter


Ziss ZB-200F Moving Bed Filter


Ziss ZB-300F Moving Bed Filter


Ziss ZB-200 Moving Bed Filter

This internal fluidized bed air filter is designed to be used as a stand alone filter in up to 10 ga ...

Ziss ZB-300 Moving Bed Filter
Sold Out

This internal fluidized bed air filter is designed to be used as a stand alone filter in up to 20 ga ...

Eheim Mini Internal Filter
Sold Out

Mini-Internal filter for aquariums 25 to 30 litres. It’s small, gives excellent performance an ...

Jumbo Round Box Filter

These box filters can be filled with any media of your choice. Dimensions: 5 inches tall 4 inches in ...

Dennerle Nano Baby Protect

Additional protection screen for Dennerle Corner Filter to prevent baby shrimps to be sucked inside ...

Aquatop Submerisble UV Nano Filter 5W
Sold Out

The Submersible NANO-UV filter is a UV sterilizing filter, which helps to eliminate unsigh ...

Eheim Internal miniFlat Filter

Micro internal filter for terrariums and paludariums with shallow water area or water bowls (e.g. fo ...

Sicce Micron Internal Filter 65gph
Sold Out

The Sicce Micron is an internal filter for aquariums with capacities up to 20 US gallons. Sicce Micr ...

Dennerle Corner Filter
Sold Out

This efficient, auiet and compact internal filter is designed for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It has ...



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