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Omega Sea

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Omega One Cichlid Flakes 5.3 oz.

The opportunistic feeding habits of the African Cichlid require a broad scope of both seafood protei ...

Omega One Small Cichlid Pellets (floating) 3.5 oz.

Omega One® Small Floating Cichlid Pellets are made with Alaskan salmon and whole herring and con ...

Omega One Small Cichlid Pellets (sinking) 4.2 oz.

These small sinking pellets are made with Alaskan salmon and whole herring and contain no artificial ...

Omega One Freeze-dried Shrimp 0.85oz.

These tasty morsels, high in protein and natural color enhancers are an excellent choice for larger ...

Omega One Super Colour Discus Pellets 4.2oz

This 1.5mm pellet has been specifically formulated to meet the complex nutritional needs of the genu ...

Omega One Frozen Cyclops 3.5oz.

Frozen cyclops are a great food for blennies, gobies, seahorses and small community fish. Guarante ...

Hikari Frozen Daphnia 3.5oz Cube - in store only
Sold Out

These small planktonic crustaceans are a great natural source of algae and also act as a excellent l ...

Omega One Marine Large Pellets with Garlic 20 oz.

Garlic, as an additive to fish food, has proven to be very effective in controlling both internal an ...

Omega One Large Marine Pellets with Garlic 8.25 oz.

Omega One® Large Sinking Marine Pellets are made with Alaskan salmon and whole herring and formu ...



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Great Purchase

I’m a new Axolotl owner and have been researching and grabbing the needed supplies - I placed 3 orders a few evenings ago (asked from them all to be .

Cheap products

If only I live in where this shop is it would be really great. Reasoning is the products are good and cheap, a 20 long gallon for $69!? A 17 gallon fr .

Amazing customer service

Fantastic customer service always quick to respond to emails. Amazing shipping rates. Fish are packed exceptionally. I will continue to be a customer.


Ive made several purchases from the good folks at Angelfins...nothing but top notch quality products and great service and I highly recommend u check .

Multiple Fantastic Experiences!

Fragile equipment packaged with almost excessive care; a poorly placed order cancelled in very short order so that I could correct my mistake; incredi .

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